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Who is Huw Edwards? Is He Married? Age, Depression, Salary, Net worth

Huw Edwards Biography

Huw Edwards is a Welsh BBC News lead presenter anchoring BBC One’s Ten O’Clock News. He also leads BBC coverage of major national stories and events. Some of his achievements includes a BAFTA award, made a cameo appearance in the Bond movie Skyfall, and commentated on Barack Obama’s inauguration from a Washington rooftop.

He originally was a Parliamentary Correspondent. He has filmed The History of Wales and made documentaries on Gladstone and Mozart. He regularly visits schools as ambassador for the BBC Young Reporter project.

He is also an academic working at Cardiff University as a pro-chancellor at the journalism school for a decade (2009 – 2019). He works as a honorary professor of Journalism.

Huw Edwards Age

How Old is Huw Edwards BBC? Edwards is 61 years old, he was born in 1961 in Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales. He celebrates his birthday on August 18.

How Tall is Huw Edwards?

Huw stands at a height of 6 feet tall/1.83 metres.

Huw Edwards Nationality

He is Welsh.

Huw Edwards Education

Huw attended Llanelli Boys’ Grammar School and graduated with a first-class honors degree in French from University College, Cardiff, in 1983. He is an Honorary Fellow of Cardiff University, Swansea University, and the University of Wales, Lampeter and he holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Glamorgan.

Huw Edwards Parents

Edwards is the son of Hywel Teifi Edwards and Aerona Protheroe. His parents are both academics, his father served as a  Research Professor of Welsh-language Literature at University College, Swansea while his mother taught at Llanelli’s Ysgol Gyfun y Strade for 30 years.

Who is Huw’s Father?

Huw’s father Hywel Teifi Edwards was a Welsh academic, historian and politician who was passionate about Wales and the Welsh language. Huw revealed that he was not close to his father while growing up as he wasn’t home that often as he was out lecturing. He died in January 2020 but at the time they had grown close.

As an academic, he was a professor of Welsh at the University of Wales Swansea. He was an Honorary Graduate of the University of Wales and specialised in 19th Century history and the National Eisteddfod in particular.

As a politician, he stood for Plaid Cymru seats twice – once at the general election of 1983 for Llanelli and then stood for Carmarthen four years later. He had served for 14 years on Dyfed County Council.

Huw Edwards Siblings

Huw was brought up alongside his sister Meinir Edwards who has pursued a career in cancer nursing research.

Huw Edwards Wife

Edwards is married to Vicky Flind, who is also a journalist serving as a television producer. She has worked for the BBC where she was the long-standing editor of the BBC’s The Week politics show having previously worked on political coverage for Newsnight and Breakfast News. She left BBC in 2016 to join ITV’s show Peston on Sunday as the show’s editor. The show has now been rebranded as a midweek political magazine show.

How Many Children does Huw Edwards Have?

Huw has five children; Amos Edwards, Sammy Edwards, Rebecca Edwards, Dan Edwards and Hannah Edwards. Despite him being a Welsh, he has revealed that his children are not well versed with his language as in his household they speak English. His three sons and one daughter are linguists.

Huw Edwards Weight loss

In 2019, Huw revealed that he lost three stones through boxing. He trained with ex-boxer Clinton McKenzie, as well as doing TRX. He undergoes suspension training, which uses gravity and your body weight to work the muscles.

Huw Edwards BBC News

Edwards is a BBC News lead presenter and one of the highest paid presenters. He presents BBC News at Ten as well as serves as the BBC News lead presenter for major breaking news in the United Kingdom. In addition, he presents BBC coverage of state events, international events, the hour-long BBC News at Five on the BBC’s rolling news channel BBC News and occasionally presents either as relief or as the BBC’s chief presenter BBC News at Six, BBC News at One, BBC Weekend News and Daily Politics.

He was the host of BBC election night coverage and was the lead presenter for the 2019 general election coverage on 12 and 13 December. Between May 1999 and January 2003, he presented the BBC Six O’Clock News. During this period, this was the most-watched news programme in Britain. In January 2003, he became the main presenter of the Ten O’Clock News on BBC One, considered the corporation’s flagship news broadcast. Along with David Dimbleby, he also presents various special programmes such as the Festival of Remembrance, Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament.

He led the BBC commentary team at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and 2014 Commonwealth Games. He has presented several election specials, including coverage of the 2007 National Assembly for Wales election for BBC Wales and also the BBC coverage of the United States elections, 2008 results and the inauguration of Barack Obama. He was formerly Chief Political Correspondent for BBC News and spent more than 14 years reporting politics from Westminster across a range of BBC programmes.

He has also presented or contributed to a range of other BBC News programmes, including Breakfast News, One O’Clock News, Newsnight and Panorama. Since April 2006, Edwards has presented the newly established BBC News at Five on the 24-hour BBC News channel.

On 29 April 2011, he presented the BBC coverage of the Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The coverage was watched by 20 million viewers at peak in the United Kingdom and the team won a BAFTA Award for Best Coverage of a Live Event. In June 2012, he presented the BBC coverage of the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

In December 2013 he led the first few hours of BBC News coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela on BBC One, BBC News Channel and BBC World News. In 2014 Edwards presented BBC Local Elections taking over coverage from David Dimbleby.

Edwards shared the BBC’s 2015 general election and 2016 EU referendum coverage with Dimbleby and in May 2018 he shared the presentation of the BBC coverage of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Prior to joining BBC, Edwards spent a short time on work experience at the commercial radio station Swansea Sound.

Huw Edwards Salary

How Much Does Huw Edwards Earn? According to BBC’s annual report, Huw received a pay rise of £25,000 in the 2022 financial year making his annual salary £435,000 making him one of the highest earning BBC’s presenters.

Huw Edwards Net Worth

Edwards has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Is Huw Edwards the BBC News Presenter Accused?

Huw has been confirmed as the BBC staff that has been suspended following a report by The Sun about claims that he paid a young person around £35,000 over three years, from the age of 17, for explicit images. The parent of the teen, who is now 20 years old, claimed the child used the money to fund a crack cocaine addiction, adding that the presenter “destroyed her child’s life”.

According to the young person’s lawyer, there was “nothing inappropriate or unlawful” took place between the young person and the presenter.

In a letter reported by BBC News At Six: “For the avoidance of doubt, nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality and the allegations reported in the Sun newspaper are ‘rubbish’.”

The newspaper responded: “We have reported a story about two very concerned parents who made a complaint to the BBC about the behaviour of a presenter and the welfare of their child. We have seen evidence that supports their concerns. It’s now for the BBC to properly investigate.”

Huw Edwards Scandal/ Allegations

Huw is facing four separate allegations; paying a young person around £35,000 for sexually explicit photos over a three year period, breaking stay-at-home lockdown rules to meet another young person, sending messages to a 17-year-old with love hearts and kisses and sending threatening messages to a person in their early twenties who he met on a dating app.

The Metropolitan Police have however said that he did not commit criminal offence over payments for sexually explicit images.

The Met Police released a statement saying: ‘Detectives from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command have now concluded their assessment and have determined there is no information to indicate that a criminal offence has been committed.

In reaching this decision, they have spoken to a number of parties including the BBC and the alleged complainant and the alleged complainant’s family, both via another police force. There is no further police action. As such, the Met has advised the BBC it can continue with its internal investigation.

We are aware of media reporting of further allegations against the same individual. No specific details or information about these allegations have been passed to us and therefore there is no police action at this time. Should evidence of criminality or safeguarding issues be identified at any point we would expect matters to be referred to the relevant police force.’

Huw Edwards Suspended/ Huw Edwards Statement

Huw Edwards is the BBC News presenter at the centre ‘£35k sex pics scandal’. The news was confirmed by his wife Vicky Flind who released a statement which read;

“In light of the recent reporting regarding the ‘BBC Presenter’ I am making this statement on behalf of my husband Huw Edwards, after what have been five extremely difficult days for our family. I am doing this primarily out of concern for his mental well-being and to protect our children.

Huw is suffering from serious mental health issues. As is well documented, he has been treated for severe depression in recent years. The events of the last few days have greatly worsened matters, he has suffered another serious episode and is now receiving in-patient hospital care where he’ll stay for the foreseeable future.

Once well enough to do so, he intends to respond to the stories that have been published. To be clear Huw was first told that there were allegations being made against him last Thursday. In the circumstances and given Huw’s condition I would like to ask that the privacy of my family and everyone else caught up in these upsetting events is respected.

I know that Huw is deeply sorry that so many colleagues have been impacted by the recent media speculation. We hope this statement will bring that to an end.’

Huw Edwards Depression/ Mental Health/ Illness

Following allegations that he paid £35,000 to a vulnerable teenager in return for explicit photographs, his wife has revealed that he has been hospitalised suffering from mental health issues. He has previously said in a documentary about his career that he has struggled with depression for 20 years as it started in 2002.

“People tend to think that if you are confident, then you never doubt yourself. But that’s not true. Like everyone that suffers with depression, you don’t get one bout of it. It comes and goes. For me, it started around 2002 I think. I went down fairly quickly and I couldn’t understand it. I couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t want to go to work. I didn’t want to speak to anybody. Maybe it was partly due to the fact that I wasn’t happy in work. I couldn’t describe how overwhelming it was. I had a bit of a scare and I had never experienced that before.

The issue was you have to maintain a public image, that is – you’re a well-known face. Whenever I had to go live on air, I would literally have to tell myself – come on now, you’ll be OK now. You just have to do it, and I just had to push myself in a way.”

He added that while depressed your mind goes into places where you don’t want to do anything and you can’t make any decisions.

Huw Edwards Victoria Derbyshire

Victoria Derbyshire while presenting Newsnight in an episode dedicated to the BBC presenter scandal she said BBC was choosing not to name the suspended presenter as BBC has not seen any evidence.

“I’ll be honest with you right now, we [the BBC] don’t know if the claims from the mother of the young person who accused the famous name of paying thousands of pounds to her child in exchange for sexual photos are true because , we – journalists who work at the BBC – haven’t seen any of the evidence The Sun says it has and we don’t know if the new claims tonight from lawyers representing the individual rubbishing what the mum has said are true either.”

Some people allege she slipped her tongue and named Huw as the presenter. Her is the clip to judge for yourself.

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