Allen Millyard Biography

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Allen Millyard Biography

Allen Millyard is a nuclear engineer who creates some of the most magnificent motorcycles ever. He has built over 30 multi-cylinder machines ranging from four- and five-pot, two-stroke Kawasaki machines, to a V12 based on a Z1300. He is also a television personality who appears as a restorer on Find it Fix it Flog it & The Motorbike show.

Some of his iconic models includes ‘Flying Millyard’ which is powered by 5-litre V-twin engine designed for an aeroplane; Viper V10 which is powered by an 8-litre Dodge Viper V10 engine; and Velocette V-Twin which is one of his most sentimental project. He bought the Velocette in 1979 and later gifted it to his father, he then inherited it after his father’s death and decided to turn it into a V-Twin.

Allen Millyard Age

Allen is 62 years old, he was born in 1961 in Thatcham, Berkshire, England.

Allen Millyard Wife

He is married to Tracey Millyard and they have two grown-up sons, one of their sons is known as Sam Millyard. Tracey is retired. She worked as a receptionist at Thatcham Research and also at Broadway Lifesmiles. She worked at AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) for almost 22 years. She joined as a quantity surveyor then became a business process manager before raising ranks to assistant facilities manager, facilities manager, lead inspector and eventually change manager.

She is a former member of the Chartered Institute of Building and British Institute of Facilities Management.

Allen Millyard Nuclear Engineer

Allen is a  nuclear engineer by profession.

Allen Millyard Background

Allen’s love for motorcycle was inspired by his father who designed and built large cranes. When Allen was young, he would make moke-ups on the kitchen table made out of the cardboard and wood which he used to observe how various components twisted and distorted when presented with a bag of sugar to lift. These experimrnts stuck in Allen’s mind.

From an early age he loved metal work. He once found an old Raleigh moped dumped in a hedge. The motor was broken but within days he had made a moped that was functional. He later found an engine of a Mini which helped him make his first bike. He used Bantam frame and some Greeves forks. In addition, he used bed iron and locked up one of the drive shafts where it exited the Mini diff and welded a sprocket on to the opposite side. He completed it with a set of FS1-E wheels and an antique Honda 50 fuel tank.

At the age of 17, he tried to convert his dad’s Nyford ML7 into a V-twin out of C90s. The lubrication and forward propulsion was provided by an LE Velocette cylinder cam and a three-speed Francis Barnett gearbox.

Allen Millyard Bikes

Allen has produced dozens of Kawasaki fours, fives, little Honda V-twins, V8 and V12 Kawasakis, the Viper V10, the Flying Millyard five-litre V-twin and the six-cylinder RC374 ‘Hailwood Tribute’ inspired by Guy Martin’s replicas of the 297cc Honda racer. He was able to craft the RC374 from scratch in his workshop, taking seven months to complete it in time for April 2018’s Stafford show where it was fired up for the first time.

Allen Millyard Viper

The Millyard Viper V10 is one of Allen’s motorcycle model, which is powered by an 8-litre Dodge Viper V10 engine producing 500 bhp (370 kW) at 48mpg and weighs 1,200 lb (540 kg), of which 700 lb (320 kg) is the engine. The motorcycle speed is capable of over 200 mph (320 km/h).

In 2012, the bike won Coles Miller Dream Machines Bike of the Year. The prizes included The David “Midge” Holloway Trophy, £300 cash, a £150 voucher (courtesy of Bikes Legal Defence), a free MOT (courtesy All2wheelers) and a family ticket to Beaulieu National Motor Museum.

Allen Millyard YouTube

Millyard has a YouTube channel where he gives details of motorcycles he has made, road rides and maintenance and especially an in-depth look into how he make some of my engines.

Allen Millyard The Motorbike Show

Allen appears on Henry Cole’s show The Motorbike Show on ITV 4 where together with Sam Lovegrove they help transform bikes which need restoration. According to Henry’s website;

“Each series features a restoration project, starting with a bike in need of some TLC, which will be transformed, with a little help from Henry’s mechanically-minded pals Sam Lovegrove and Allen Millyard. Viewers also get an insight into the many amazing specialists who take on the chrome-plating, sandblasting and spray painting.

For the adventurous, Henry rides out on some of his favourite roads, both in the UK and further afield, taking the opportunity to test different bits of machinery in different environments whilst imploring the viewer to get off their sofa and explore the great outdoors at the weekend.”

Allen Millyard Find It, Fix It, Flog It

He also appears on Find It, Fix It, Flog It where he helps restore bikes. In the show, Henry and Sam scour the nation’s sheds, barns and basements in their quest to uncover automotive oddities that can be pressed back into service. The automotives are then restored and are used by Henry and Sam to “compete in some of the craziest vehicular challenges on their bucket lists.”

Allen Millyard Net worth

Millyard has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Allen Millyard Illness

Allen has no known illness.

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