Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe Bio, Age, Family, Personal Life, LGBT Activism, Net Worth

Megan Rapinoe is a well-known name for every soccer fan and every LGBTQ+ member. This inspiring lady is destroying opponents on the field and does enormous work off the field too.

Megan Rapinoe Bio

Megan Anna Rapinoe was born in 1985 as the youngest of 6 children. Back then, her family didn’t know what Megan would become. Her accomplishments in sport deserve all admiration, but her work for the rights of lesbians and other LGBTQ+ members makes her special. Two-time world champion with the USA national team and one-time Olympic champion grabbed attention in 2016 when she kneeled during the national anthem. That was a silent revolt against the world that doesn’t treat everyone equally. She came out as a lesbian in 2012 in the Out magazine, and she’d been fighting for equality ever since.

We’ll get back to Megan’s activism, but first, let’s admire her accomplishments in soccer. She didn’t just win the Olympics and the World Cup (twice). She led her team to that success with her amazing plays. Her assist for the equalizing goal against Brazil in the 2011 World Cup got ESPN’s 2011 ESPY Award for Best Play of the Year. Megan holds another stunning record. She’s the only soccer player who scored a goal directly from the center in an Olympic Games match. There are many more sports accomplishments that make Megan one of the best athletes in the world. We’ll mention only one before moving to her personal life. She was the best female soccer player in 2019. Now let’s see what Megan does when she isn’t scoring goals and collecting awards.

Megan Rapinoe Family & Personal Life

We mentioned that Megan is the youngest of 6 children. Her mother and father are Denise and James. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers – CeCe, Jennifer, Rachael (Megan’s twin), Michael, and Brian.

Megan’s personal life, her relationships to be precise, got attention for the first time when she revealed she’s gay in Out magazine. At that time, she was in a serious relationship with Australian soccer player Sarah Walsh. This site included Australia on the list of the best countries for underwater activities for lesbians. Dates on the beaches are more romantic than anything else.

Waves playing the symphony just for the two girls sitting and gazing into the stars. Exciting dates can take place on the beach as well if a couple decides to engage in offered activities. Riding a jet ski or parasailing satisfies even the wildest couples. So ladies surely had some fun visiting beaches. Megan lists going to the beach as one of her favorite activities. Still, that wasn’t enough to keep Sarah and Megan together. They broke up in 2013 after almost 5 years together. Sera Cahoone got closer to marrying Megan. But their wedding was put on hold and canceled in 2017 because Megan was already dating her current fiancée Sue Bird

Megan Rapinoe LGBT Activism

Megan’s effort for LGBTQ+ rights earned her the respect of the whole community. She’s active in numerous organizations for LGBTQ+ rights and equality. The most famous among them are:

Megan was part of the Common Goal campaign in 2017, which gathered several soccer stars who agreed to donate money to soccer-related charities. She’s been a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since (at least) 2016. Her national soccer team even filed a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation, accusing it of gender discrimination.

Megan Rapinoe Net Worth

It’s not surprising that Megan and her teammates are fighting for equal pay. Megan is one of the best and most famous soccer players in the world. Still, her net worth is only $3 million. Compared to Harry Kane, for example, whose net worth is $40 million. Hopefully, Megan’s efforts for equality will bear fruit soon.

Megan is a role model that will inspire many people. Not just lesbians or LGBTQ+ members, but everyone, because we’re all equal.