Jorden Halvorsen

Jorden Halvorsen Bio, Age, Bull Rider, Radiator Ranch, How To Be a Cowboy

Jorden Halvorsen Biography

Jorden Halvorsen is a female bull rider and former figure skater. She is an intern at Radiator Ranch making her the first woman to ever intern for Dale Brisby. She is also a cast member on Netflix’s docuseries ‘How To Be a Cowboy’.

Jorden Halvorsen Age

She is 26 years old as of September 2021.

Jorden Halvorsen Husband

She is not married but according to Kerusso she was engaged. It seems like she called off the engagement as she has no engagement going by her Instagram.

Jorden Halvorsen Bull Rider

Jorden is a female bull rider who has no family history of bull riding. She has however ridden horses since childhood. Her trainer suggested she try bull riding just to mark it off her bucket list. She went to a practice pen, got on a bull, and to her surprise she fell in love with the sport.

She began riding in 2013 and trains alongside her fiance. She describes the sport as “a bit of a bumpy path.” Between injuries, which are not unusual for this sport, she still loves the thrill of being in the ring and anticipating the moment the gate opens as she does her best to stay astride the bull.

In 2018 she was invited to compete in Australia’s Professional Bull Riding event.

Jorden Halvorsen Knee Injury

She had a knee injury after a bull-riding accident. She had to have ACL reconstruction surgery following the incident but she can now bend her knee to 90 degrees again. According to her Instagram, she is set to start physical therapy.


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Jorden Halvorsen Radiator Ranch

Halvorsen is an intern at Radiator Ranch under Dale Brisby. She decided to intern as she has future plans of owning and operating her own countryside ranch. She also wanted to take up the opportunity to learn from the best and gain back her confidence to get on bulls again after her severe knee injury.

Jorden Halvorsen Netflix How To Be a Cowboy

Jorden is a cast member of Netflix’s docuseries ‘How To Be a Cowboy.’ The docuseries follows Dale Brisby and his Radiator Ranch squad as they go about their day-to-day lives. From herding and feeding cows to mending fences and from riding bulls and horses to merely having a good time. The series examines what it means to live in the countryside as an authentic and traditional cowboy or cowgirl.

In the first episode, Jorden begins her internship despite having no formal experience with ranch work. She sustained a serious knee injury before she started the internship with Dale and had to have ACL reconstruction surgery. She took the position at Radiator Ranch in the hopes that she would be able to recuperate and get the confidence to get back into bull riding. By the end of the episode, she gets back on the saddle and rides a bucking bull.

She continues to pick up new skills in her internship as the show continues and forms a bond with the rest of the Radiator ranch employees.

In the final moments of the series she praises Dale for helping her become more confident again. “Working with Dale and his team has really helped build my confidence to get back to riding the way I know how to.”

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