April Brown

April Brown (Motelier) Bio, Age, Family, Husband, The June Motel, Motel Makeover

April Brown Biography

April Brown is a motelier and co-founder of The June Motel. She is also a cast of Netflix’s Motel Makeover alongside her friend and business partner Sarah Sklash.

April Brown Age and Height

She was born on June 20, 1984. She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall.

April Brown Education

She has a Bachelor of Managerial and Operational Studies, Finance and Administration from Western University. She also has a Public Relations Diploma from The University of Western Ontario.

April Brown Family

She is the daughter of Ken Brown. The name of her mother is unknown but she shares her photos on her social media accounts.


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April Brow Boyfriend

April is in a relationship with Ingo Rauth, who is the founder and host of School of Becoming. Ingo has a Ph.D. in Innovation Management and Design. He is an adjunct professor in Professional Development at IE Business School. He is also a career transition coach.


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April Brown The June Motel

April is the co-founder of The June Motel in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada alongside Sarah Sklash. The duo bought the motel on June 1, 2016, at the time the motel was known as the Sportsman Motel. The two quit their jobs and bought the motel which at the time was on sale. Sarah worked as a project manager and business analyst for the Ontario Government, and April worked for a Public Relations agency.

At the time they bought the motel, Prince Edward County wasn’t yet the booming tourism destination it is now. Due to that, they bought the motel for less than the price of the average house in Toronto. They bought it via a Vendor Take Back Mortgage (VTM) (mortgage from the seller). For the renovation, they got a loan through Community Futures Development Corporation, which lends to small businesses across Canada.

After they moved into the motel, they decided to run it as it for the first summer so they could learn the business and find money for the renovation. They built the website, created an online reservation system, painted the 60’s wood paneled lobby white, replaced the horrid flower quilts with fresh white duvets and learned how to make a hotel bed. April’s mother cleaned the rooms while Sarah’s Dad was the onsite handyman. We had zero staff at this point.

The two renovated the motel by testing out the design ideas they loved. It started with a retro palm wallpaper that they stumbled upon locally. From there they tested different lighting, decor and furniture until they landed on the perfect room.

Over the winter (2016/2017) they tiled the lobby floors, painted the rooms, learned to wallpaper. They painted the doors a bright, sun faded millennial pink. The doors later became one of the most iconic elements of the motel. In June 2017 they officially opened The June Motel.

April Brown Motel Makeover

Brown and Sarah are featured on Netflix’s Motel Makeover, a series that follows the duo as they renovate a run-down roadside inn from the 1970s into their signature and stylish June Motel. In the show, they are renovating the Sauble Beach on Lake Huron. They bought the motel for $1.4 million, they are left with a budget of $600,000.

In the six episodes, the series shows the struggles that the pair face. There are the more obvious struggles, such as budgeting issues and leaks. However, the biggest challenge for them is Covid-19. As Motel Makeover got filmed in 2020, the worldwide pandemic derailed the opening of the Sauble Beach Inn. With all work at a standstill and with no income, it’s a worrying time for April for Sarah as they face the possibility of losing their business.

April Brown Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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