Who is Jerry Jeff Walker Wife? Susan Streit Bio, Age, Children, Jerry Jeff Walker Death

Susan Streit Biography

Susan Streit also known as Susan Walker is the wife and manager of the late country music singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker who passed on at the age of 78 on October 23, 2020. His cause of death has not been revealed yet but he battled throat cancer since 2017.

Susan Streit Age

She was born in 1948.

Susan Streit Husband – Jerry Jeff Walker Wife

Susan got married to Jerry Jeff in 1974.  Jerry was a country music singer-songwriter who was best known for his hit “Mr. Bojangles”. He was born Ronald Crosby but adopted his stage name “Jerry Jeff Walker” in 1966. He founded his own independent label, Tried and True Music after he gave up on mainstream record industry. Susan is the president of the label and served as Jerry’s manager until his death.

When Walker married Susan, she was working in politics, in particular for Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson.

In 2018 during an interview with The San Antonio Express-News she revealed that she met Walker while hosting a party at her home in Austin. Streit said that Walker repeatedly turned off her records, including The Rollings Stones’ “Let it Bleed.” Walker replaced the songs with country records. Walker told Streit that he received the records from his label and he needed to know how they sounded on different turntables. Walker said there were sparks “but not the good ones,” Susan answered, to much laughter. “I was trying to shoo him away, ‘Leave my stuff alone.’”

Susan Streit Children

Susan together with her husband has two children together a daughter known as Jessie Jane and a son known as Django Walker. Django is a Texas Country singer-songwriter and the frontman for the Django Walker Band. He wrote his first song “The Road You Choose” at the age of 16, and performed it on stage at his father’s shows.

Jerry Jeff Cancer

Jerry was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017. During an interview with Austin American Statesman in 2018, he revealed that he had a near-death experience.

“At one point I had chemo, radiation and pneumonia, and a blood infection — all at the same time. That’s where I became touch and go. “As we were at the bottom, Susan (his wife of 45 years) said somewhere in there, ‘Do you want to fight? You want to fight for this?’

They said I was going like this. Like I was weighing the decision. I guess I chose life. Because here I am.”

Jerry Jeff Walker Death

Jerry died on October 23, 2020 at the age of 78. His death was confirmed by his wife Susan on Saturday morning that Jerry Jeff died around 6 p.m. Friday at Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas.

“He was at home until an hour before his passing. He went very peacefully, which we were extremely grateful for.”