Raf Sanchez, NBC News Foreign Correspondent

Who is Raf Sanchez, NBC News Foreign Correspondent; Bio, Age, Wife

Raf Sanchez Biography

Raf Sanchez is an NBC News foreign correspondent covering the Middle East. He is a former Middle East correspondent for the Daily Telegraph newspaper. He joined the Telegraph in 2011 after stints at the Manchester Evening News, the Press Association and The Times of London. He was previously posted in Washington and has been based in the Middle East since 2015, where he reports from across the region.

Raf Sanchez Age

Raf was born on May 3, 1992 in Los Angeles, USA.

Raf Sanchez Nationality – Ethnicity

Raf is a British- American national. He was born in America and grew up in London, United Kingdom. He is of Latin ethnicity.

Raf Sanchez Family

Despite being a person in the public eye, Raf has managed to keep details about his family from the limelight.

Raf Sanchez Wife – Spouse

Raf is not married but he is in a relationship with Joey Shea. He posts her on her social media platforms.

Raf Sanchez Gay

Raf is not gay. He has a girlfriend known as Joey Shea.

Is Raf Sanchez Jewish

Raf is a Christian.

Raf Sanchez NBC

Sanchez is a NBC News foreign correspondent covering the Middle East  as well as a a Middle East correspondent for The Daily Telegraph Newspaper. In 2021, he contributed to MSNBC Reports including on the Craig Melvin Report and the Ayman Mohyeldin Report. He has also worked for the Manchester Evening News, The Press Association, and The Times of London.

Raf Sanchez Israel

Raf is currently in Israel covering the Hamas attack. Hamas said they launched the attacks because Palestinians’ suffering had become intolerable under unending Israeli military occupation and increasing settlements in the West Bank and a 16-year-long blockade in Gaza.

On October 12, 2023 US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the death toll of Americans in Israel had risen to at least 25 people with more than 1300 people dead. The militants are also holding as many as 150 hostages in Gaza.

Raf Sanchez Oxford

In 2011, while he was working for Manchester Evening News, Raf slept on Oxford Road after he was invited to sleep rough for the night by a coalition of charities looking to raise awareness about the plight of refugees who come to Britain, are unable to work, and end up homeless. He wrote about his experience and his encounter with some of the homeless people.

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