Mike Itkis Bio, Age, Family, Wife, kids, Bucket List Bonanza, Tape, Campaign

Mike Itkis Biography

Mike Itkis (Mikhail Itkis ) is a cyber security expert, a former officer in the U.S. military and a politician. He is a New York City congressional candidate running for Manhattan’s 12th Congressional District. He is running on a s*x-positive platform which has led him to releasing a 13 min video of having s*x with porn star Nicole Sage.

Mike Itkis Age

He is 53 years old.

Mike Itkis Education

Mike attended Stuyvesant for his High school education. He then joined Cornell University graduating in 1991 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2008 he graduated with a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship, Management and Computer Information Systems from Baruch College. He also holds a Masters degree in Computer and Information Systems Security from Western Governors University.

Mike Itkis Family

He was born in Odessa, Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union). He has not given any information about his family but he moved to New York City in 1979 at the age of 11. He lived in the district since 1995.

Mike Itkis Wife

Itkis is not married.

Mike Itkis Children

He has no kids.

Mike Itkis Religion

According to his campaign website he is atheist. According to a trusted source his Soviet-era documents listed him as Jewish but he has said he does not consider himself Jewish.

Mike Itkis Cyber Security

Itkis is a cyber security expert who has worked as an IT Consultant for Revlon and Merrill Lynch. He has also worked as an assistant vice president for BNY Mellon. He began his career as a network administrator for Societe Generale.

Mike Itkis Military Career

Mike has over a decade of U.S. military experience. He joined the U.S. Army Reserve as Major in February 2009. He dealt with Cyber Operations Officer (17A), Russian Linguist, Signal Officer (25A) and Civil Affairs Specialist (38B).

Mike Itkis Bucket List Bonanza

Mike released a video on Pornhub titled “Bucket List Bonanza” featuring him having sex with Nicole Sage, an adult actress and model in June 2022 but came to people’s attention in October. He said he released the 13 minute video as an act of support for legal sex work, which is one of the three issues that make up his campaign platform.

He said he released the video to“demonstrate [his] commitment” to his “sex positive approach.” On October 14, 2022 he told ITK in a statement that filming the X-rated video with porn star Nicole Sage was “one of the most meaningful experiences” in his life.

“Creating the video significantly influenced my political platform, leading me to create the principles of sex work legalization, to speak about the complexities of consent, and the pros and cons of privacy considerations.”

He alleged that the video would serve as a “starting point for conversations about the equal value of married people and those who are not, the expansion on sexual rights beyond abortion, and finally, the need to provide all citizens the tools necessary to protect themselves online.”

Mike Itkis Sex Positive Movement

One of Mike’s campaign issues is ‘Domestic Policy Sex Positive Approach’. The issue contains sexual rights, abortion rights for women, end government involvement in marriage- no discrimination based on marital status and make sexual rights explicit-do not rely on privacy or free speech rights.

Itkis said in a statement that “advance sex positivity, including several proposals for legislation designed to explicitly protect sexual rights by ending government involvement in marriage, the right to not become a parent in case of pregnancy, a right for women to terminate an abortion, decriminalization of sex between consenting adults, a nation-wide definition of consent, and legalization of sex work.”

His other two issues are domestic policy cyber security and foreign policy ending the war in Ukraine

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