Judith Grey, Greg Kelly's (Newsmax) Wife

Who is Greg Kelly’s Wife (Judith Grey); Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Career

Judith Grey Biography

Judith Grey is the wife of Newsmax TV anchor Greg Kelly. She is an advertising creative director and former political advertising writer for The Daily Beast. She also wrote and directed the 2003 award-winning documentary “Sin Embargo: Never the Less,” on the resilience of the Cuban people.

Judith Grey Age

Judith is 53 years old, she was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Judith Grey Religion

Grey is Jewish.

Judith Grey Education

Judith has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from RMIT University, she also has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Columbia University.

Judith Grey Parents

Judith Grey is the daughter of Eva Menahem and Samuel Menahem. Her mother is a real estate investor while her father is a pediatric cardiologist and professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a bachelor of science in neuroscience from Columbia.

Judith Grey Husband

Judith is married to Greg Kelly, Newsmax TV anchor and a military veteran .The couple got married on November 12, 2017 at the University Club of New York. The couple was introduced by a mutual friend via an introductory email in September 2015 at the time Grey had never heard about Grey and she google him and asked their mutual friend o set them up.

“I had never heard of Greg, but then I Googled him and saw this gorgeous guy, with gorgeous green eyes. I was like, ‘Yeah, set me up, let’s do this’”.

On Greg’s part he never called because the introductory email provided a fairly “underwhelming” profile of Grey. Three months later, Kelly met with another mutual friend who gave a much detailed and bright version of Gray. This led to Kelly calling Grey and they went for their first date in December 2015 at the Park, a restaurant in Manhattan. They were both fascinated by each other and they set up another date, two days later at the Red Cat, a Manhattan restaurant.

On their third date, Kelly took Grey to a brunch in West Point, N.Y. and then surprised her by driving to his family’s 40-person Christmas party in Breezy Point, N.Y., where she met his family.

Kelly has however revealed that he had actually seen Judith months before being introduced to her in Sag Harbor.

“I was in Sag Harbor, and I noticed this beautiful woman stretching and jogging at the dock, but she was wearing earphones, which I took as a sign that she didn’t want to be bothered. I had just finished working out at a gym there and was standing some distance away, but it was definitely Judith, who has a place out in Sag Harbor. I actually went back the next day to see if I would see her again, but she wasn’t there.”

The couple however broke up in March 2017, prior to their marriage, as the talk of marriage put a strain on their relationship. Greg was nervous about committing. After almost seven months being apart, they began talking and eventually reconciled.

Judith Grey Children

Judith and Kelly has a daughter known as Analise Kelly born in February 2020.

Judith Grey Career

Judith is a freelance creative director and art director at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. She began her career as an artist in Melbourne, where her oil paintings were displayed and sold. She then transitioned to the world of advertising, which took her rom Sydney to Hong Kong and to New York in 1997, where she became the architect of numerous campaigns for various companies, including Pfizer, Hong Kong Bank and Georgia-Pacific.

In addition, she was a writer and contributed to the Daily Beast and Business Insider on political advertising. She also wrote and directed the 2003 award-winning documentary “Sin Embargo: Never the Less,” on the resilience of the Cuban people.

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