Jennifer Coolidge Bio, Age, the Image of Stifler’s Mom, Career, Personal life, Net Worth

Jennifer Coolidge Biography

Jennifer Coolidge turned 60 this August, but she looks more fierce than ever. This fighter for animal rights starred in numerous movies, but we all know her as Jeanine Stifler, or just Stifler’s Mom (American Pie). In 1999, Stifler’s mom became a synonym for a MILF, and everything else is history. It was hard back then to find a date if you’re a cougar or a MILF, but nowadays, it’s much easier. There are many dating sites just for them, so hunting down prey is quite simple. However, Jen is not just a pretty face; she’s an activist who supported AIDS assistance and animal rights. Also, the gay community loves her because of her support, and she’s considered a gay icon.

Jennifer Coolidge Bio

Coolidge was born in Boston as one of four children. When she was young, she wanted to be like Meryl Streep, and life had other plans, so she became a comedian actress instead. You’d be surprised to learn that Jennifer played the clarinet back in the days and was at orchestra camp for three summers. Jennifer Coolidge is one of the ladies who inspire men to google hot milfs near me and join sites made for meeting them. Some mature ladies even mention Stifler’s mom in their descriptions. Jennifer’s influence was so strong it helped many women put themselves first and start enjoying the company of younger men.

Jennifer Coolidge Age

Jennifer was born on August 28, 1961. Simple math shows that she’s 60 years old and looking hot as hell. Many people don’t believe she’s 60, and even more, men don’t care about that.

The Legend of Stifler’s Mom

Jeanine Stifler is the mother of Steve and Matt Stifler. Besides being a mom, she’s a star in many fantasies in a local high school. One of the gang members fulfilled his dream and lost his virginity to her. Over the movie series, we follow their relationship. Stifler’s mom overshadowed all younger girls in American Pie, and she had that aura stunning ladies aware of their beauty have.

Jennifer Coolidge Career Highlights

From the early ’90s, Coolidge had supporting roles until getting hired to star in American Pie. After that success, she landed a role in Legally Blonde as Paulette Bonaforte Parcelle. Jennifer was in three American Pie movies. Her other famous movies are a Legally Blonde sequel, A Cinderella Story, Testosterone, and Meet The Fockers.

Is Stifler’s Mom Single?

Yes, Stifler’s mom is single. She’s very private in her love life, and the public is aware of only one previous relationship – with Chris Kattan. If you encounter Jen, you can try and sweep her off her feet with a picture of your pet or with a nice glass of wine.

Jennifer Coolidge Net Worth

Her acting through the years raised her net worth to 6 million dollars. She’s still active in the movie industry, so her net worth can only grow.