Who is Megan Gale Brother? Jason Gale Bio, Age, Missing, Death, Cause of Death

Jason Gale Biography

Jason Gale was an industrial mechanic and the brother to Megan Gale. He went missing on July 14 and was later found dead next to his car after a week.

Jason Gale Age

He was 49 years old at the time of his death.

Jason Gale Family

Jason is the son of May Gale. His father died in August 2014 of asbestos-related lung cancer. Jason has two siblings a brother and a sister Meghan Gale.

Meghan Gale Brother

Jason was the older brother of Meghan Gale, an Australian model, brand ambassador, fashion designer and actress. She became the National Ambassador for Kids Help Line in 2005 and in 2009 she was appointed the first official National Ambassador for The Red Cross.

After Jason’s death, Meghan took a break from social media for two months but on September 21, 2020 she opened up for the first time about her brother’s death in an Instagram post.

“For those of you that don’t know, I very sadly and unexpectedly lost my brother back in July. It was a huge shock. Something that I’m still working through and processing, and I guess being a public person meant that it was everywhere — which comes with the territory unfortunately and I couldn’t control that, but what I could control was how I tapped into that and I chose to disconnect from all media including social.”

Megan also said it wasn’t easy to attended the funeral from Melbourne to Perth due to the covid-19 regulations and had to go through two weeks of hotel quarantine before attending his funeral.

“It wasn’t a case of just being able to hop on a plane and go and deal with that,” she said. “It came with a lot of other issues. And it wasn’t just a case of — an easy cut-and-dried decision to go. I had a very short period of time to make the decision to travel over because travelling over meant hotel quarantine for two weeks and then planning the funeral and attending the funeral so I knew that I could be a month away from my kids and my man.And I also knew that by going to Perth that I would be responsible for risking there being more media attention and more focus on it, which I didn’t want to do. I already felt bad enough, that I’d be the cause of that.”

Jason Gale Mechanic

Jason was an industrial mechanic and according to his friends, he really struggled after witnessing the death of a co-worker in 2018 and then the death of his dog.

‘He hasn’t been the same since witnessing the death of a co-worker a few years ago, then the death of his beloved Dobermann (dog), Badge on top of that.”

According to the Daily Mail Australia Jason was one of a group of colleagues who were there with the victim when he was struck and killed by a pipe.

Megan Gale Brother Missing

On July 17, 2020 Western Australia police issued an alert for Jason who was reported missing from his home in the Perth suburb of Bibra Lake. He was believed to be driving a 1999 silver-colored Honda CR-V station sedan, registration 1BOI107. He was last seen on July 14 at around 9.40 am at the Popanyinning General Store where he bought petrol and water.

Jason Gale Death  – Megan Gale Brother Died

Jason was found dead on July 21 near his car in Karragullen bushland. The police released a statement that said; ‘A search of the area was commenced and the body of a deceased person, believed to be Mr Gale, was located.’

Megan Gale Brother Cause of Death

Jason’s cause of death was never made public.

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