Who is Hillary Farr, HGTV host of ‘Love It or List It’ and Is She Married?

Hilary Farr Biography

Hilary Farr is a British-Canadian designer and host of HGTV reality shows ‘Love It or List It’ alongside David Visentin and ‘Tough Love with Hilary Farr.’

Hilary Farr Age – How Old is Hilary Farr HGTV

Farr is 70 years old, as of 2022. She was born in 1952 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but was brought up in England. She celebrates her birthday on August 31.

How Tall Is Hilary Farr

She stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Hilary Farr Family

Farr has not revealed much about her family but she has said her love for design was impacted by her mother who was working as an antique trader for Liberties of London, which often involved visiting old houses and mansions from the Victorian era. At the age of 16, her mother asked her to design the interior of a house they bought on the outskirts of London.

Hilary Farr Accent

Hilary has a British accent as she was raised in London.

Hilary Farr Education

She graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, with a major in Interior Design.

Hilary Farr Husband

Hillary was married to Gordon Farr, a producer and writer. The couple got married on September 12, 1982 but they divorced in 2008.

Hilary Farr Son

Hillary shares a son known as Josh with her ex-husband Gordon. She is also a grandmother as her son has three children, two boys and a girl. She posted a video of her son and her three grandkids for Mother’s Day in 2020.

Hilary Farr Dog

Farr is a dog-mom, her dog is known as Mimi which is a mix of  Pomeranian-Chihuahua. She posts her dog on her Instagram page and it also joins her on the set of Love It Or List It .

Hilary Farr Movies

Hilary is a former actor who made her acting debut in 1972 in a small role in Layout for 5 Models. She appeared on the controversial movie, Sex Farm which tackled the topics of sex and infidelity and was considered to be taboo by most film critics. It even had to be renamed to “Frustrated Wives” because of promotion issues.

She has made appearance on other movies such as “Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width”, “Legend of the Werewolf”, “City on Fire”, “We Got It Made”, and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Hilary Farr Interior Designer

Hilary is an international interior designer with decades of experience. She majored in Interior Design in her undergraduate studies. She however revealed in an interview on the Today Show that she originally wanted to be a ballerina, but later decided to become a designer. She was inspired by her mother as she was “unbelievably creative.”

Hilary Farr Love It or List It

Hilary is a co-host of HGTV ‘Love It or List It’ alongside David Visentin. In the show, Hilary as a designer convinces the homeowners to renovate the house while David as a realtor convinces them to sell their home.

The show is shot in Toronto and n surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada. They also shot a couple of episodes in North Carolina and there’s a spin-off show, Love It or List it Too, which is shot in Vancouver.

Love It or List It Lawsuit

In 2016 Hillary said the show is not scripted but the same year a couple who appeared on the show sued the show and claimed the show was not only fake but that they also ruined their home with “cheap” renovations.

“The show is scripted, with roles and reactions assigned to the various performers and participants, including the homeowners. These characters are actors or television personalities playing a role for the camera, and in this case, none of them played more than a casual role in the actual renovation process.”

The lawsuit was filed against big Coat TV – the Canadian-based company that produces the show, and Aaron Fitz Construction, a North Carolina contractor hired to do the renovations.

The lawsuit alleged that “the couple contends that not only were they victims of shoddy work, they also suffered from a breach of contract, unfair trade practices in violation of North Carolina’s general contractor laws and a “bizarre” business model that creates an “inherent conflict of interest” for a production company that makes most of its money on TV advertising.”

Is Hilary Farr Married to David Visentin

Hilary and her co-star David are not married. They are just co-hosts on the HGTV show. David is married to Krista Grycko Visentin, who is a Canadian real estate agent while Hillary was married to Gordon Farr, a producer and writer but they have since divorced.

Tough Love with Hilary Farr

Hilary premiered a new show ‘Tough Love with Hilary Farr’ on HGTV on December 20, 2021. In the show she is challenged by families whose dysfunctional houses are putting a strain on their relationships. She uses her creative design solutions with a dash of tough love to renovate their spaces and get these families back on track.

Hilary Farr Breast Cancer

Hillary was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She revealed the news for the first time during an interview with PEOPLE. She said she had gone for a routine mammogram when the doctors found a suspicious lump. She immediately underwent surgery, and lab results confirmed that the tumor was precancerous, not malignant.

In late 2014, a mammogram revealed she had invasive breast cancer, a tumor that had spread into surrounding breast tissue. She underwent a second lumpectomy. Nearly two months later, she was shocked to learn she was supposed to get radiation as a part of her course of treatment but was incorrectly told by the medical oncologist it was not necessary.

“I was terrified, because I knew I had a very small window. I felt absolute fury that someone could be so flippantly wrong. “I could have been dead.”

She filed a complaint to the facility and the oncologist retired the next year.

In March 2015, she began a 28-day course of radiation, but 7 months later, doctors found another suspicious breast growth. She underwent a third lumpectomy, and the tumor was considered precancerous. Farr is now in remission.

She said she is sharing her story with the hopes of helping others. “Fear of breast cancer stops a lot of women from getting checked. But as terrifying as it is, you face it. Thinking that you should keep it a secret or just power through doesn’t help and it doesn’t heal. If I can change that for one person, then that’s enough.”

Hilary Farr Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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