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Frank Paul Biography

Frank Paul is a British postwar & contemporary artist and quizmaster. He appears as a ‘Trapper’ on Channel 4 game show, ‘The Answer Trap’. He is also the author of The Cryptic Pub Quiz.

Frank Paul Age

He was born in 1984.

Frank Paul Family

Paul is the son of Celia Paul and Lucian Freud, a British painter and draughtsman, specialising in figurative art.

Frank Paul Quiz

Frank is a quiz master who revealed on Channel 4 that he got into quizzing after spending many years going to pub quizzes with his wife. He won Only Connect series 13 as part of a group ‘Escapologists’, alongside friends Tom Rowell and Lydia Mizon.

He is the author of The Cryptic Pub Quiz. According to The DailyMail, the book collects “some of the more brutal questions he has asked at The Mill pub in Cambridge. Regular attendees of this quiz are clearly masochists, as some questions require so much thought I’m amazed it’s all over in a single evening.”

Frank Paul Artist

Paul is a postwar and contemporary artist whose work has been offered at auction severally, with realized prices ranging from $337 USD to $425 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. According to, since 2015 his record price at auction is $425 USD for Moonlight Tragedy, sold at Rachel Davis Fine Arts in 2015. In MutualArt’s artist press archive, Frank Paul is featured in Corey Helford Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Gala Exhibition, a piece from the JUXTAPOZ in 2016.

Frank Paul The Answer Trap

Frank appears on Channel 4 game show, ‘The Answer Trap’ which airs every weekday at 3 pm. The show is hosted by Anita Rani and features quiz experts Frank Paul and Bobby Seagull. With cash up for grabs, the aim of the game is to put the correct answers into the relevant categories, all while avoiding the dreaded Answer Traps.

Frank Paul Book

Frank is the author of The Cryptic Pub Quiz. “The book is sort of cobbled together from quiz rounds I set at The Mill, which I’ve been doing since October 2015. I suppose most of the rounds I’d already written, but it still felt like quite hard work to compile them all together and fit them into a book – and it took quite a long time to do all the illustrations.

He had a word of advice for people who were unfamiliar with the cryptic pub quiz concept.

“I think I would warn them that it is very unlike the standard pub quiz. I’ve been to a lot of pub quizzes and was always slightly put off by questions that were very satisfying if you knew the answer, but gave you no way in if you didn’t. I always found it a lot more satisfying when you were able to puzzle out the answer through your logic, rather than simply because you knew it. That’s kind of the questions I like to write – they’re a lot more puzzle-based than the average quiz.”

He continued: “I think to call it The Cryptic Pub Quiz has connotations of cryptic crosswords and, even though there aren’t any cryptic crosswords or cryptic clues in that sense in the book, I think it’s quite a useful description because there are a lot of wordplay-based puzzles that will appeal to people who very much enjoy cryptic crosswords.I hope I make it accessible, even though it is very hard.”

Frank Paul Twitter

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