Florian Braunschweig Bio, Age, Family, Business, Net Worth, Instagram


The Dresden-based dating service co-founder, Florian Braunschweig, is most well-known for his role in helping to create LOVOO, a dating platform that has been around since 2011. Drawing many comparisons to Singles-Kontakt, LOVOO is a site that has tried to do it all, just like Braunschweig. 

Unfortunately, the man keeps most of his past out of public view. What we do know is that he grew up in Dresden and still lives there today. He attended HTW Dresden until 2011, the same year that he co-founded LOVOO. Although he is often mistaken for the CEO of the company, he has acted as the COO of LOVOO, but then took on the positions of General Manager and Managing Director during the company’s 2017 shakeup. Since 2021, he has become the Strategic Advisor for LOVOO while also taking on the roles COO / Managing Director / Co-Founder at BRNC. 


Based on his history of school attendance, it is believed that Florian Braunschweig is about 31 to 32 years of age. 


Next to nothing is known about the family life of Florian Braunschweig. There is no available information about his family growing up or whether he has made a family for himself while operating the dating services for which he is famous. 


Florian Braunschweig is most famous for co-founding LOVOO, a dating service. Amidst problems in the company in 2017, he took a step back and remains only as a strategic advisor in 2021. He has since co-founded a new company called BRNC. 

Net Worth

Amidst the tumultuous times of LOVOO’s reorganization, it is hard to state the net worth of Florian Braunschweig. The fact remains that he has operated a company that is worth millions upon millions of dollars. How much of that money he was able to earn is unknown, but he could be worth $1 million or more.


Florian Braunschweig’s Instagram account is either set to private or unfindable. 

Personal Life

Little is known about his personal life because he has been so private. Whether he is currently dating anyone or married is completely unknown. As someone that has been intimately involved with the development of a successful online dating site, it can be inferred that he knows something about the dating process and how to encourage others to be successful. 

One might imagine that a younger man living in Dresden would have had many opportunities to date people and settle down. None of his online profiles mention a family, wife, or girlfriend. As someone focused on helping a former company and operating new ones, it seems likely that he is putting the brakes on dating and focusing on his work for the time being.

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