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Carson Daly Biography

Daly Carson  Jones  is an American media personality working as an anchor on NBC  News.  He co- hosts the station’s “TODAY” show and and is the host of the show’s “Pop Start” segment.   Carson is also the host and producer of NBC’s show  “The Voice” and  previously worked as  a VJ on MTV’s Total Request Live.

Carson Daly Age

Carson was  born  in Santa Monica, California  on 22nd June  1973.

Carson Daly Height

He stands at a height of 1.85m.

Carson Daly Education

Daly attended Santa Monica High School and was a member of the school’s golf team before graduating in 1991. He attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and dropped out to pursue a pro golf career.

Carson Daly Parents

Daly is the son of Jim D Daly and Pattie Daly Caruso .His father was a car salesman and died of bladder cancer when Carson was a child. His mother on the other hand was a television personality for Coachella Valley TV. After the death of her husband, she married Richard Caruso who also died of bone cancer.  She  survived breast cancer  and was  honored at Lifetime’s 2004 Breast Cancer Heroes Luncheon. Daly  joined his mother in becoming a breast cancer activist. However she  died of a fatal  heart attack at the age of 73 in her Palm Desert, California, home on Sept. 17, 2017.

Carson Daly Sister

Daly was brought up alongside her sister Quinn. She is married to Joel and they have two  daughters Jaden and Katherine. She moved with her family from Palm Desert, California, to New York City so the family could be together after losing their parents. In an interview, Carson thanked her sister for saving his life. “It was a crippling time for our family,” Carson said. “After that devastating event, Quinn and I sort of looked at each other and went, ‘We’re all we have left.’ Like literally, you’re my only family left. Life is too short.”
They live a block away from me,” Carson said. “Our kids go to school together and our family time is at the top of our priority list. And I want to thank you for making that move because it’s literally saved my life.”

Carson Daly Wife

Carson is married to Siri Printer who is a food blogger. She  is the daughter of soap opera star Mark Pinter and  was raised in Minnesota and later  moved to California after her college graduation. She first met Carson when she took a job as a writer’s assistant on his late night show, Last Call with Carson Daly. They started dating  and got engaged in 2013 . The duo later exchanged their marriage vows on December 23, 2015 in a small ceremony. Carson said the wedding was a surprise for their families who didn’t realize their nuptials were the purpose for the party.
In the late 1990s, Carson dated actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, and he claimed she ended the relationship by having her publicist announce the breakup to the media. After Jennifer, Carson was briefly engaged to actress Tara Reid whom he had met   on the set of Total Request Live in March 2000.The two   began dating and shared an apartment in New York City . Daly  later proposed to Tara on October 29. However , in June 2001 they broke up .He later told Elle magazine that Tara had priorities that didn’t align with his own.

Carson Daly Kids

Carson  and his wife has four kids together, a  son, Jackson, born in March 2009, and daughters Etta, born in September 2012,London, born August 20, 2014 and Goldie  born March 26, 2020. He announced the birth of their daughter on Instagram


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Carson Daly Tattoos

Carson has 10  tattoos  which he say that they are all about his family, “I’m a family-first kind of guy, so everything on my body is really about my family,” he told Today in 2014.

Carson says the One-Eyed Jack tattoo shows a Jack playing card pierced by a jack playing piece is in honor of his son, Jack Daly. The design on his upper arm also includes his son’s birthdate — March 15, 2009, which was the Ides of March. To get in even more symbolic imagery in, he included the Pisces symbol (his son’s astrological sign), plus an American flag, a little Corvette logo for his dad, and an homage to Budweiser — “which is my beer of choice.”

Another tattoo, Leo The Lion, is designed on his lower arm, Carson went for a lion with a rose in its mane. The flower honors both his daughter London Rose and his paternal grandmother, who was also named Rose. The lion is a nod to London Rose’s birthday —August 20, 2014 — and her sign. Not only is it perfect for a Leo, but it also embodies a message Carson wants to pass on to his kids.

Carson’s older daughter also gets her own astrological-themed tattoo, Women Warrior . Etta Jones Daly was born on September 6, 2012, so he got a picture of a women warrior on his right forearm to represent Virgo.

“It looks like Wonder Woman kinda,” he said on Feherty. There’s also a small Statue of Liberty next to it.

Corvette Hood Ornament is  his first tattoo, Carson wanted to pay homage to his late father, James Daly (J.D.), who passed away when he was 5. “He was a Corvette dealer and the tattoo is designed after a hood ornament of a 1977 Corvette that he left me,” Carson told Today. “I actually have the car that it’s designed for. I wanted a nice memento for my father without it being too somber.”

Curly Sark is another tattoo designed as a tribute to Carson’s late stepfather. he choose a modified whisky logo as a fitting tribute.

“My dad drank Cutty Sark,” he said in his Golf Channel interview. “I’m convinced he single handedly kept the company in business for 25 years.” To make it more personal, he changed “Cutty” to his step-dad’s nickname “Curly” and the slogan “Original Pops Whisky.”

“Every bartender thinks that’s the coolest tattoo they’ve ever seen,” Carson added.

Next to the Curly Sark logo, Carson has “Jaden Patricia” inked on his arm in cursive. This honors  more family members. Jaden is his sister’s name and Patricia is his mother’s name, and Jaden Patricia is his niece’s name.

On his upper left arm, Carson has the Green Beret emblem in honor of his maternal grandfather. “He gave me, when he passed, his actual green beret that Kennedy gave him,” Carson said in his Golf Channel interview. The Latin motto for the United States Army Special Forces — De oppresso liber — is traditionally translated as “To Free the Oppressed.”

Carson has another tattoo,  NYC. “This  one I got the day after September 11, here in New York.” Carson told Today. “I went to work at MTV in Times Square and there was a bomb threat the next day, so we had to evacuate the building. As we were trying to figure out if we’d be on the air, I was kind of aimlessly walking around New York … I went to my tattoo shop and sat there listening to music and ended up having him put that on me as a sign of pride for being a New Yorker.”

On his calf, Carson has the logo of his former record label, 456. He got the name from a New York City street dice game. “We had a hip-hop label so it all made sense at the time,” he said on Faherty.

“The Crab Claw Pocket Knife was designed after  Carson  broke up with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and started dating Tara Reid, who insisted that Carson  should  get his ex’s name covered up. In a rush, he turned things over to his tattoo artist “Braino” and requested a quick fix “I asked him, ‘Can you do something really fast on my ankle or my girl’s going to kill me,'”Carson said on Faherty. “I had no idea what he’s doing but I could feel him working … 30 minutes later he goes ‘We’re done.’ I look at it and I go, ‘What is that?’ He goes, ‘That’s a crab claw coming out of a pocket knife.’ I went, ‘Awesome. It’ll work.'”

Carson Daly NBC News

Daly joined NBC in 2002  where he began hosting and producing the late night talk show Last Call with Carson Daly, and occasionally hosting special event programming for NBC, such as the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show, and executive producing New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly from Times Square beginning in 2003.  Beginning in 2003-2004, Daly began hosting a New Year’s Eve special for NBC, New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly.[

In 2011, Daly began hosting and executive-producing NBC’s reality music competition The Voice. Daly’s duties as host include watching blind auditions alongside contestant’s family members. As a producer of The Voice, Daly has won four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, first in 2013 and again from 2015, 2016, and 2017. When social media correspondent Christina Millian departed the show, Daly became the sole host.

In September 2013, Daly became the orange room anchor (social media reporter) on the Today show and also serves as a fill-in anchor for Willie Geist in  the show’s weekend edition (Weekend Today)

Prior to joining NBC, Carson worked at  the radio station KOME in San Jose, California. He was then given the 6-10 PM time slot at KOME’s sister station KROQ in Los Angeles. It was during Daly’s time at KROQ that MTV recruited Daly to serve as a VJ during MTV’s summer beach house programming called “Motel California.” At the end of the summer, MTV hired Daly as a permanent VJ . Healso hosted, “Total Request” and “MTV Live”

Carson Daly Salary

Carson  makes $5 million per year on The Voice. He earns another $5 million from NBC as Feature Anchor on Today, bringing his total annual salary at NBC to $10 million.

Carson Daly Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $40 million

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