Who is James White Father? Tyrone White Bio, Age, Wife, Car Accident, Death

Tyrone White Biography

Tyrone White is the father of New England Patriots running back James White and served as Miami-Dade Police Captain. He was killed in a car accident on September 20, 2020 in Cooper City.

Tyrone White Age

White was 59 years old at the time of his death.

Tyrone White Wife

Tyrone is married to Lisa White, a probation specialist. Her condition is still unknown after the Sunday accident. She is admitted in hospital.

Tyrone White Children

White and his wife have two children, James White and Tyrone Jr. James is an American football running back for the New England Patriots. He was drafted by The patriots in the fourth round of the 2014 draft, he went onto win three Super Bowls while on the team. He also has a Super Bowl record of 14 passes against the Atlanta Falcons in the 2017 title game.

Tyrone White Giovani Bernard

Tyrone and his wife took in Giovani Bernard after his mother died of cancer and his father a Haitian immigrant, fell on hard economic times. At the time Giovani was James teammate at powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas High and played the outfield with White on the school’s baseball team and shared carries with him in the backfield when the Raiders won the national title in 2008. He stayed with the family for his final year and a half of high school.

Giovani is currently a a running back with the Cincinnati Bengals. During an interview Giovani said;

“He was a father to me. It was awesome to have somebody there for me. He was a guy who taught you about discipline, about being on time for meetings, keeping your word, being a dependable person, doing the things that take you far in life. …If you think about a law enforcement father, that’s Mr. White. When I stayed there, I was petrified of making a mistake because I never wanted to disappoint him.”

Tyrone White Miami Dade Police

He served as a Miami-Dade Police Department Captain.  He had been a police officer since 1984.

Tyrone White Football

According to a 2019 ESPN profile of James White, Tyrone played college football at Florida A&M University and became the school newspaper’s sports editor.

While still a police officer, he coached James’ youth teams in football and baseball. He wanted to make a difference with kids because he recalled a neighborhood man who made a difference with him, a coach who regularly loaded up local athletes in his truck, drove them to the fields and back, and never asked for anything in return but a pledge from these boys that they would do the same for others when they grew up.

According to the article, James said his father was a firm coach who remained calm on the field and who preferred to correct his son’s mistakes during car rides home.

Tyrone White Car Accident – James White Parents Car Accident

Tyrone was involved in a car crash on September 20, 2020 at the intersection of Griffin Road and Southwest 118th Avenue. One car overturned and erupted in flames, the other was left badly damaged. According to Broward County Sheriff’s deputies, the crash happened around 1:01 p.m. in the 11800 block of Griffin Road. Two vehicles were involved but it is unclear which car the Whites were in or how the collision happened.

Tryone and his wife were in one car and he died on the scene while his wife Lisa White was airlifted. A third victim was transported to area hospital in unknown condition. According to a friend of Lisa White, she is listed in critical condition at Memorial Regional Hospital.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. MDPD Director Alfredo Ramirez III took to Twitter to mourn White’s loss.

James was supposed to play in the Sunday game against the Seattle Seahawks but an hour before the game the team announced he would be absent.  During the game, Patriot Safety Devin McCourty celebrated a first-quarter touchdown by looking onto the camera and saying, “2-8 We Love you, bro!” (James White wears No. 28.)

Tyrone White Death

Tyrone died on September 20, 2020 after he was involved in a car crash.