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Robin Andrade Biography

Robin Andrade is an American realtor and a certified condo specialist. She is the founder of SELL Atlanta, a boutique real estate brokerage firm specializing in condo, loft, and penthouse listings and sales. She is one of the cast members of OWN’s reality show ‘Ladies Who List Atlanta.’

Robin Andrade Age

She was born on October 19, 1971 in New Bedford, and grew up at 138 Acushnet Avenue in the Bay Village housing project.

Robin Andrade Education

Robin attended New Bedford High but she dropped out after becoming pregnant as at the time the school didn’t allow students to be pregnant. She enrolled at New Bedford’s alternative high school, because one was allowed to bring the baby.

“I would hear my daughter Brooke crying and they wouldn’t allow me to see her. So that was the moment I decided I was out of there.”

She asked to take her GED but since she had only gotten halfway through ninth grade, chool officials were reluctant to allow her to. She did take it, though, and passed. She had already been working an after-school job in the dietary department of St. Luke’s Hospital, so that became her main source of income. Her Section 8 certificate finally arrived, but she struggled to locate a place anywhere in New Bedford.

Robin Andrade Parents

Robin has not revealed the names of her parents but she said her parents were young when they got her. Her mother was 16 and there were three kids in the family. She added that her childhood was not easy and she also got pregnant at the age of 16 which caused her mother to kick her out.

“I battled depression all my life, I feel like I was born into it. It ran in my family. In our culture, it wasn’t something you talked about or dealt with, so we acted out. We were hellions…I got pregnant at 16, that was supposed to be my downfall.

It was at that moment my mother decided, ‘You want to act like a woman, well you better get out there and be a woman’ and she asked me to leave the house. So I did, and I ran into the arms of the father of my child at the time.”

Robin Andrade Husband

Robin is not married. She has not revealed the name of her baby daddy. Robin’s real estate journey began together with her baby daddy. At the age of 21, the two had saved $2,000 which they used to buy a house through the bank, the house was going for $89,000. They stayed there for five years. They bought a home at 90 Grant Street for $150,000.

At the time, the couple began growing apart. Robin worked at Little People’s College as their transportation director, and developed that transportation department for them, writing the handbook, hiring and training the drivers. She ran transportation for Little People’s College for 10 years.

She decided to turn to construction. Her baby daddy bought out her share of the Pleasant Street home they owned, and then she sold the house on Grant Street as well.

Robin Andrade Children

Andrade is a mother of two, a daughter and a son. She got her first daughter when she was 16 years old. This prompted her mother to kick her out. She moved in with the mother of her child’s father and raised her baby while she was living with her. She put her name on the Section 8 list and she got on the list and was awarded a certificate. She applied for an apartment at 923 Pleasant Street.

The woman who owned the property denied her application, so Andrade wrote her a letter explaining her circumstances and asking for a break – and the woman gave her one and allowed her to move in. She lived there a couple of months before a person reported that she was living with her baby daddy which was a violation of the program.

“When that happened, I immediately got in front of it and asked how to get out of the program. I gave them the Section 8 certificate back and then the struggle began of paying rent on my own, and it only lasted a few months before the bank called and said we had first option to buy because the house was going into foreclosure.”

Robin Andrade Realtor

Andrade is a real estate agent, she is a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors and is also a member of the Rights to Life organization where they assist in beautifying the Mechanicsville neighborhood.

She obtained a loan in 2006 and obtained two houses in Atlanta. Her family wanted her to move to Florida so she simultaneously built houses in Florida and Atlanta, and moved into the latter, which she said her kids thought was “a mansion.” She was able to turn around her $150,000 investment in the Grant Street home into a $269,000 sale.

She earned her real estate license in 2007 but the market crashed putting her realtor career on hold. She was broke with a plummeting credit score. In 2018 she opened her brokerage, SELL Atlanta and started working for herself.

Robin Andrade SELL Atlanta

Robin is the founder of SELL Atlanta, a Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Firm specializing in Condo, Penthouse and Historic Loft listings, sales and leases in the Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead areas of Atlanta. Their services include new construction and resale homes. Corporate and family relocation real estate services. Short-term furnished housing for our ever-growing Georgia Film and entertainment industry.

Robin Andrade Ladies Who List Atlanta

Andrade is one of the six ladies (Tiffani Hawes, Kira Oliver, Quiana Watson, Cristyl Kimbrough and Tiana Harrison) featured on OWN reality show, ‘Ladies Who List Atlanta.’ In the show, the professional Black women in business, including top-producing brokers, high-profile attorneys and luxury agents, manage their ever-changing work and personal relationships while serving clients in Atlanta’s hot real estate market.

Andrade said she wanted desperately to see a show about Black female realtors succeed, because of the struggles Black people historically had with owning homes, going back to the days of “redlining.”

“When the world exploded and Black Lives Matter became a thing, now networks wanted to see what was underneath all of those layers that white people were trying to suppress, sit on us so we couldn’t be seen, and here we are so my story on the show is battling the demons of the real estate market, how it was created and how it was against Black people.”

She added that she is “I’m bringing to the forefront the racist experiences of the National Association of Realtors, my fight with being a teen mom, my success with owning real estate at 21, my mental instability because of my childhood trauma, my depression, my anxiety. People say I’m bi-polar, they say I’m crazy, they say I act out, but you know what? I’m brilliant. When faced with all that, they’re going to see my brilliance, but before they see it, the show is going to show them my other side, the old Robin that came out that day when they put me in an uncomfortable environment.”

Andrade was previously discovered by a production company in 2017. The show found her on her social media. She however said that at the time nobody wanted to see black women on TV. They shopped it around to different networks and nobody was interested.

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