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Rachel Uchitel Biography

Rachel Uchitel is an American nightclub manager, hostess, and a formerTV correspondent. She first encountered publicity when, following the September 11 attacks, a photo of her holding a picture of her fiancé, who worked in the World Trade Center, was published by the New York Post and circulated worldwide. She made headlines again in 2010 as one of golfer Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses.

Rachel Uchitel Age

Uchitel was born on 29 January 1975 in Anchorage, Alaska, United States.

Rachel Uchitel Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Rachel Uchitel Education

Rachel attended Millbrook School and graduated in 1992 and later joined the University of New Hampshire where she graduated in 1996 with a degree in psychology.

Rachel Uchitel Parents

Uchitel is the daughter of Bob Uchitel and Susan Bishop. Her father was an entrepreneur who moved to Alaska because ‘he wanted to prove himself in the last frontier’. Together with his wife, Bob launched Alaska’s first cable television,  the Anchorage cable TV service Multivisions, and helping promote a world’s fair for Anchorage in the early 1980s. Bob passed on at the age of 44 in 1990 of an apparent cocaine overdose. He was found dead at his South Anchorage estate with his body bruised and bloody and his brain cooked on cocaine. Her mother was an on-air producer and host.  Rachel’s parents divorced in 1979 when she was three years.

She is the granddaughter of Maurice Uchitel, a  nightclub/ hotel owner, and restaurateur. He is the owner of New York’s Voisin restaurant and the El Morocco and Eden Roc in Miami Beach. Before becoming a hotel owner, Maurice was in the rag trade and manufactured shoulder pads and linings for uniforms. He passed on in 2000 at the age of 88 and left Rachel $150,000 in his will.

Rachel Uchitel Siblings

No information regarding her siblings is available.

Rachel Uchitel Husband

Rachael has not revealed if she is currently dating. She was previously engaged to her three years boyfriend and fiance James Andrew O’Grady, an investment banker who worked as a managing director at Sandler O’Neill. He died during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York City in 2001. After the devastating attacks, a photo of Rachel crying and clutching a photo of her missing fiancé was published on the front cover of the New York Post.

Three years after her fiance passed on, she married stock trader Steven Ehrenkranz, a 9-11 survivor and private school mate of hers. The duo first met when they were 12 as private-school students, and they became friends in their late teens. Along the way, they lost touch for several years but met up again at a 2003 Halloween party, and their friendship blossomed and they started dating before exchanging their marriage vows On 12th November 2004 inside the Flatiron Cipriani at the Toy Building in a ceremony attended by 270 guests. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted or only four months, and the two divorced.

She then married Matthew A. Hahn, a former Penn State football player on 2nd October 2011  in front of 12 friends at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. The duo then separated in 2014 and had a daughter together.­ Rachel revealed that she was harassed with a death wish by her ex-husband. In eight phone calls, Hahn repeatedly called her names and threatened to “ruin’’ her in the press, according to a criminal complaint. He was later arrested and arraigned on a charge of misdemeanor aggravated phone harassment.

Rachel also dated former baseball star Derek Jeter and published reports linked her to married actor David Boreanaz, star of the Fox network hit Bones. Boreanaz allegedly was having an affair with Uchitel at the time his actress wife, Jaime Bergman, was pregnant. She was also romantically involved with Ryan Seacrest, Stephen Dorff, and Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley. She revealed she met PK in Tao where he was a customer.“He was a bottle service customer. Listen, he’s got a great personality. He broke me down. He was just a friend for a year and then I totally fell in love with him. I know it sounds crazy. I fell head over heels and couldn’t get enough of him. I spoke with an accent, which is crazy.”

Rachel also opened up about her relationship with married lawyer Ed Batts. In an interview, she insisted that ‘nothing physical happened’ between them until Batts ‘had started to file for divorce’  The interview came just days after DailyMail.com published an exclusive video that shows her kissing Batts at the Denver airport as they were returning from an illicit weekend at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Batts has since left his wife Robyn, whom he married in 2014, and her three children to be with Uchitel and her daughter, in Palm Beach, Florida.

Rachel Uchitel Children

Uchitel and her ex-husband Matthew A. Hahn have a daughter Wyatt Lilly Hahn who was born on May 15, 2012. The two are now co-parenting and share custody of their daughter after Rachel lost custody of her daughter. They have been in a long legal war after Hahn took temporary custody of the young girl. Uchitel was set to go to trial over custody, however, after COVID-19 hit, she and her ex-husband decided to work out their differences outside of the courtroom.

Rachel Uchitel Surgery

In 2015, Rachel underwent brain surgery to cure herself of Chiari, a progressive disease that causes brain tissue to extend into the spinal canal, pressing on the brain and causing debilitating symptoms such as headaches, backaches, memory loss, and confusion. Rachel had struggled with the disease for years, but doctors failed to diagnose the problem until a few months before the surgery. “I was in boarding school and was hospitalized for my back. I grew up knowing I had back problems”, she told Fox News. The surgery was conducted in New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center conducted by world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Philip Steig.

Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods Mistress

Uchitel made headlines in 2010 as one of golfer Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses. She is the first of more than a dozen women who were identified as Woods’ mistresses in 2009. Rachel opened up on her relationship with the golf pro in the HBO documentary Tiger. She told Us Weekly she agreed to appear in the HBO documentary because: ‘I needed to speak for me. ‘It’s one way to get the shackles off me. It’s one way for me to get rid of the shame and for me to feel like I get to speak regardless of what people think.’ She continued: ‘In a lot of scenarios the men get to have a comeback and the women don’t. I don’t necessarily want to make this a man versus a woman thing, but in a lot of situations, the women get stuck with the stigma and cannot get away from it, and they just get pigeonholed in this thing. The comments of “home-wrecker”, “mistress”, “slut”, “whore” and the blame just get put on you, and you can’t get away.’  ‘I have stayed quiet about this story but at this point, I have nothing left to lose. My name hasn’t lost the stigma at all.’

She revealed that she first met Woods while working at Griffin, an exclusive nightclub in New York when she saw him sitting alone and chatted to him. ‘As I went to leave, he took my phone number and the car probably hadn’t even gotten to the light at the corner, he started texting me,’ she claimed. ‘He said something like: “When can I see you again?” It was intimidating, this was Tiger Woods. I knew he was married, I knew he had responsibilities. He said: “I want you to fly to Orlando and I’ll come see you there.”‘ It was in Orlando that the pair had sex for the first time, according to Uchitel. ‘I remember thinking how am I ever going to be with a mere mortal again because so many people put him on such a pedestal and here he was in my bed, and he was my Tiger,’ she said. Reflecting on their relationship, Uchitel said they ‘really enjoyed being with each other’.

Rachel Uchitel Elin Nordegren

Rachel revealed how she called Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren to convince her they were not sexually involved just days before the affair was exposed. She revealed about Woods’ desperate efforts to prevent Nordegren from discovering his infidelity as media outlets edged closer to exposing it. Uchitel said Woods connected her with Nordegren after she joined him at the Australian Masters in November 2009 at his insistence. ‘We had an extensive, 30-minute conversation, Elin and I, convincing her that I was not having a sexual relationship with Tiger,’ Uchitel recalled. ‘We talked about how I knew Tiger, how I knew his friends, how and why I was in Australia.’

Later, Nordegren confronted Woods about his adultery by chasing him out of their home and smashing his SUV with a golf club on Thanksgiving. Nordegren, whom Woods married in 2004 and had two young children with, divorced him for a reported $100million, and he checked into rehab for sex addiction.

Rachel Uchitel Settlement

Being identified as Tiger Woods’ mistress immediately made Rachel Uchitel the other face of the sex scandal that captivated the world. With offers pouring in to pay Uchitel for her story, she was approached by Woods’ lawyers with a payoff to buy her silence. The price of that nondisclosure agreement was widely reported to be $10 million, but that is not where that story ended.

In July 2011, less than two years after the National Enquirer broke the huge story about Tiger Woods, Uchitel returned most of the $10 million to Woods. According to TMZ, her decision was prompted by advice from lawyer Gloria Allred, who negotiated the nondisclosure agreement for her. After their affair was found out, the only time they spoke again was when Woods advised Uchitel to ‘get as much as you can’ in a nondisclosure agreement with his lawyers. Asked if she signed a non-disclosure agreement that perhaps gave her the freedom to talk about the relationship after 10 years, she said: “I can’t get into that. But it’s interesting that you’re the first person who has brought that up.”

Rachel Uchitel Celebrity Rehab

In 2010, Rachel went public with her battle with substance abuse when she appeared on the 4th season of VH1 reality TV show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. The show, which follows famous faces during their treatment for addictions, highlighted Rachel’s problematic relationship with alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines. Her appearance on the show came with a $500,000 fee double the amount initially offered to her by producers and a personal invitation from Dr. Drew himself, something of a unique event, as the host rarely gets involved in the casting process.

Rachel Uchitel Television

Uchitel served as a producer in the Bloomberg News television division for five years and also served as a special correspondent on nightlife for Extra Weekend a job she got after Extra’s producers were impressed by her interview with the show’s Mario Lopez, where she discussed her experiences growing up, her meltdown after the death of her fiance in 9/11, and her plans for the future.

Rachel also served as a VIP host at Tao nightclub. Her position owed in part to her on-off relationship with the club’s owner, Jason Strauss.  “In a random career move and a life-changing experience, I found myself living in Las Vegas to launch Tao nightclub and restaurant…. Two years later, I was back in New York to oversee VIP operations for all of their companies and venues, such as Stanton Social, Marquee, Tao Bistro, and Dune,” Rachel said in an interview.

She opened a New York children’s clothing boutique named after her daughter, Wyatt Lily but it has since closed. The store was named “Best Kids Birthday Presents” in New York magazine’s annual Best Of issue in 2015. She says she was one of five finalists considered for the open slot on the 12th season of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” (It went to Leah McSweeney.) Recently, she’s been working with a recovery center called Transcend, trying to raise awareness about love addiction.

Rachel Uchitel Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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