Movie Buffs: How to lower your Cable TV Bills?

Cord-cutting has become a very popular practice in today’s world. People have started relying on streaming services to fulfill their entertainment cravings. However, many people still prefer cable TV. They enjoy the traditional ways of entertainment and like watching their favorite shows and movies on the big screen.

Some people even feel some kind of an emotional connection with cable TV, which is why they are not yet ready to let go of it. No matter how important cable TV can be for an individual, the heavy bills, which are ready to invade one’s wallet, cannot be ignored.

Moreover, cable TV costs never seem to stay the same for very long, which can be very aggravating. Every year we witness consistent increases in these bills, which make shivers run down an average American’s spine. Due to this very reason, an average household in America pays a considerable amount in cable TV bills each month.

We know by now most of you might be feeling depressed and helpless as parting ways with cable TV is not an option for you. So if you are one of those people, who cannot detach themselves from cable TV, then you have come to the right place. Consider yourself fortunate, as there are some ways, which can help to reduce your bills and give peace to your wallets.

By following these ways, you can relieve yourself from all the stress and tensions that come with the single piece of paper that is ready to make you penniless. So make yourself comfortable, keep reading, and thank us later.

Patterns of viewing

First things first, evaluate your viewing habits. Ask yourself, do you really need cable TV or are you just afraid of change? Ask your children or maybe your spouse to monitor your daily usage of cable TV. By the end of the week, they can let you know how much time you spent watching TV.

Also, notice whether you possess a Netflix subscription, if yes then how much time do you spend binge-watching your shows? Do you spend more time streaming movies on Netflix or watching your favorite shows on TV? Moreover, do you sit in front of your TV to watch live soccer matches every night? Or do you like to watch episodes on your phone or your tablet via your provider’s TV application? After answering all of the abovementioned questions, you will get a clear picture of your cable TV needs and will get to picture yourself even without this service.

Answering these inquiries will also help you decide whether to cut the cord or not. However, since this article discusses the various ways that will help you lower your cable bill, therefore we will assume that you want to use cable TV in the long run as well. So grab your notepads and start taking notes.

Bundle cable as well as internet

Bundling will help you gain access to all the necessary services (internet, cable, and phone) that too at affordable rates. Several cable providers provide you with discounted prices when their services are combined. You might want to look at your current provider’s bundle offerings and compare them to the most popular Spectrum bundles. By subscribing to the bundle deals offered by Spectrum, you can get TV, the internet as well phone services at amazing prices. Hence bundling your services together is always a good idea.

Reduce your use of premium channels

We understand it is not easy to bid farewell to HBO, however doing so can effectively reduce $20 from your monthly cable bill. You could save another $10 to $15 per month if you cancel your Showtime subscription.
Do not feel bad folks, as the farewell does not have to be that long. If for example, you cannot breathe without ‘Stranger Things’ or ‘Game of Thrones’, let go of the channel when the season is over.

Decrease the number of cable boxes

A lot of people tend to position cable boxes in every single room of their homes and as a result, have to pay heavy rental charges. These charges however can be effectively reduced with little to no effect on your amusement. You most likely watch TV in your living room or bedroom, so choose one box and return the others.

Comprehend all the fees being charged

Reading your bills and comprehending all the fees mentioned on the bills is very important. You should all adopt this practice, as it will make your lives easier. Even then if there is any confusion, you can feel free to contact the customer service department of your provider and ask them to clarify the ambiguity that you are facing.
Some service providers will charge you extra for high-definition video. This is an example of how you can make changes to your plan to reduce your overall costs.

Make an effort to get a better deal

Negotiate with your cable provider if necessary. By speaking with customer support and requesting a discount, you may be able to get a better bargain. If you are still not getting a satisfactory response, try calling again and speaking with a different person.

Wrapping up

Saving up and paying bills is a part of life. However, spending huge sums on just cable TV alone is not a very smart approach. Whether you take a firm decision to cut the cord and enter the world of streaming or adopt the small alterations mentioned in this article, cutting back on such pleasures will help you save considerable amounts of money over time, which you can then use towards more important things in life.