Mike Butler

Meet Mike Butler, Host of HGTV ‘Fix My Frankenhouse’

Mike Butler Biography

Mike Butler is contractor and builder specializing in design-build projects. He is a co-founder of ‘The Perfect Vignette’ and co-host of ‘Fix My Frankenhouse’ on HGTV alongside his wife Denese Butler.

Mike hails from a family of builders and artists and grew up in the construction business. He used to accompany his father to work sites throughout his childhood. He however decided to major in design-build projects rather than the general construction.

Mike Butler Age

Mike is 40 years old, he was born in 1984 in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. It is not clear when he celebrates his birthday.

Mike Butler Education

Butler attended the vocational-technical Minuteman High School where he studied technical drafting and then went on to architectural school.

What is Mike Butler Nationality?

Butler is an American national of Caucasian ethnicity.

Mike Butler Parents

Mike is the son of John M. Butler and Irene Butler. They have been married since 1981. Mike’s father, John is a renowned builder and carpenter. He was the owner of Newfield Millwork where he used to make cabinets. He is currently a superintendent of field operations at Consigli Construction Co., Inc. since 2019. His mother Irene, attended Algonquin College where she studied Horticulture.

Mike Butler Sisters

Mike was brought up alongside his three sisters, Tania Menice, Shelly Grenier and Sarah Butler Moylan. Tania attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where she studied computer science and is a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. Sarah is a teacher having taught grade 5 at Westhampton Elementary School.

Mike and Denese Butler

Mike is married to his wife Denese since April 21, 2012. They first met in 2005 and soon after they began dating. The couple shares three kids; Ellis born in 2016, Felix born in 2019 and Luca born in 2021.

Mike Butler Builder- Construction

Mike grew up in a family of builders and carpenters and he used to accompany his father at construction site.

“My dad, my grandpa, my uncles — they’re all builders and carpenters who work in the industry. I have three sisters, so working with my dad was our way of bonding. There’s pictures of me at a construction site with little boots and diapers on.”

While in high school he studied technical drafting and was able to design homes throughout high school and college. After college he specialized in design-build projects, working on everything from smaller jobs and ground-up builds in Manhattan to completing a mammoth expansion at Gillette Stadium.

Mike Butler Fix My Frankenhouse

Mike is a co-host of HGTV ‘Fix My Frankenhouse’ alongside his wife Denese Butler. The show follows them as they  remodel some homes in Massachusetts. The houses have botched jobs that are not only dysfunctional but also ugly. HGTV describes the properties as being “filled with wonky layouts, misplaced staircases, and maze-like hallways.” The couple were discovered on social media as they posted the progress of their own house remodel.

Mike handles designing layouts and making construction decisions while Denese dealing with the aesthetic choices post-renovation. In the show, both of their dads make appearance throughout the season to complete special projects or just lend a hand hanging drywall.

The couple got into renovating houses together by accident. When they bought they house in Jersey City they began renovating it. In 2019 they moved to Boston to be closer to their family and they found themselves renovating what became known as “Frankenhouses.”

Mike Butler Net worth

Mike and his wife Denese have an accumulated estimated net worth of $750,000.

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