Lindsay Lohan Bio, Age, Personal Life, Family, Movies, Net Worth

Lindsay Lohan Biography

Lindsay (Dee) Lohan is an American actress, designer, singer, and businesswoman born in New York City, in the Bronx, on July 2nd, 1986. She is the daughter of Dina (singer and dancer) and Michael Lohan (Wall Street trader) and also has a brother.

While at the moment she is currently “retired” from acting and the spotlight, Lindsay Lohan has been in our lives since she was only a child. She signed with Ford Models and became a regular appearance on the Another World soap opera before she was 10.

She has starred in many movies during her successful career, but the most popular ones that are still viewed as iconic to this day are ‘The Parent Trap’, ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘Mean Girls.

Lindsay Lohan Age

Lindsay Lohan is currently 34 years old.

Lindsay Lohan Personal Life

Currently, Lindsay is single and looking. Not only is it confirmed that she uses online dating websites, but it has also been confirmed that she is into casual dating.

An Italian waiter called Alessandro di Nunzio told the press about meeting with her in the bar and hooking up later that day. During the same period, she was also seeing two other men.

When most are using the benefits of online services to find a hookup tonight, Lindsey Lohan doesn’t need more than her charm and celebrity status, obviously.

Her dating life hasn’t been very successful until now, so she probably turned to online dating and casual hookups.

In 2004 she dated Wilmer Valderrama, and when the relationship was over, she wrote the song “Over” about the affair.

In 2006, she then dated Hard Rock Cafe heir Harry Morton. Following up, in 2008, she dated DJ Samantha Ronson, a relationship that ended in 2009.

The next serious relationship she had was in 2016 when she got engaged to a Russian businessman living in London, Egor Tarabasov, but it wasn’t long until they broke it off as she accused him of abuse.

While her history of alcohol and drug abuse certainly hasn’t helped her personal life, she seems to be looking better these days and seems happier.

Lindsay Lohan Family

While her parents have been living mostly away from the spotlight, her brother created quite an uproar recently.

It seems that her brother is on dating apps, as Lindsay herself revealed. But what she also let the audience know is that she found him on dating websites because she also uses them.

Lindsay is currently single and hasn’t had a serious boyfriend in a long time, which probably means she is still using online dating websites at the moment.

Lindsay Lohan Acting Career

The role that launched her and made her America’s sweetheart was ‘The Parent Trap’ in which she plays two adorable twin girls.

She then starred in a TV series called Bette when she turned 15. Her two other major movies came in 2004 when she played in ‘Freaky Friday’ and ‘Mean Girls.

In 2005 she starred in the fun movie ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’. But as she became more famous, she started struggling with drug addiction. The last movie she starred in until this moment was ‘Liz and Dick’ that only aired on TV for a short time.

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth

In 2021, Lindsay Lohan’s net worth isn’t very easy to estimate, but specialists say it probably is around $800.000.

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