Justin Wells, former Senior Executive Producer of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

Who is Justin Wells? Former Tucker Carlson Producer on Fox News Accused of Sexual Assault

Justin Wells Biography

Justin Wells is a former Senior Executive Producer of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ and Vice President of Tucker Carlson Digital Products. He has been accused by former FOX News producer Andrew Delancey of sexual assault and battery back in 2007. He allegedly groped him and forcefully kissed him.

Justin Wells Age

Justin is around 40 years old.

Justin Wells Education

Wells did his undergraduate studies in Mass Communication and Media Studies at Barry University.

Justin Wells Gay

Justin has not publicly said he is gay but according to the lawsuit filed by Andrew Delancey, he alleges that Justin groped him and “aggressively pushed Mr. Delancey onto his bed where he violently forced his tongue into Mr. Delancey’s mouth.”

Also according to an article by Michelangelo Signorile on The Signorile, Justin is gay and has been married to a man for almost 10 years and “they openly celebrated their wedding among family and friends. They live together in a residence they purchased in New York shortly after they married. And they also own a country home together, with both names on the deed.” He did not expose the name of his partner to protect his privacy.

He also wrote that Wells was a member of NLGJA, the association of LGBTQ journalists where Wells was a member and even attended events over a decade ago.

Justin Wells Tucker Carlson/ Justin Wells FOX News

Wells is a top producer on a Tucker Carlson’s video series which he presents on the social media network X. He previously worked as Carlson’s senior executive producer on his show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on FOX News before they were both fired in April 24, 2023 pending a pending lawsuit from former Fox producer Abby Grossberg and Carlson’s coverage of the January 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection.

Justin Wells Producer

Prior to joining Tucker Carlson, he was an executive producer for ‘On the Record with Greta Van Susteren’ and had previously served as a senior producer for almost 9 years on the same show. His other roles as producer includes WNYW New York 10PM News, WFOR Miami 11 PM News, WPLG Miami AM Weekday and PM Weekend News as well as WPTV West Palm AM News.

Justin Wells Lawsuit/ Justin Wells Sexual Assault

Justin alongside FOX News have been sued by former Fox News producer, Andrew Delancey who filed a lawsuit in New York State Court. In the lawsuit, he alleges that Justin sexually assaulted and harassed him after promising to help advance his career. He alleges that Justin repeatedly grabbed his genitals at Justin’s apartment shortly after Delancey was hired in 2008, and that superiors dissuaded him from filing complaints.

The lawsuit was first filed late November and alleged sex assault and battery on Justin’s side and negligence and sexual harassment on the part of Fox. This was ahead of a deadline for claims under the New York Adult Survivors Act, which temporarily lifted the statute of limitations for civil complaints from sexual assault victims. The full complaint was filed on December 4.

According to the Lawsuit, Wells contacted Delancey in 2007 through a Facebook group for Fox employees when Delancey was still working for a local Fox station in Florida, writing in the message that Delancey had “caught [his] eye” and encouraging him to take a job at the company’s New York City operations. Delancey eventually took a job at Fox News Edge, a Fox division that deals with local affiliates.

Delancey claims that Wells showed much interest in him after he arrived, even giving him personally monogrammed pencils and notebooks with Fox branding and promising to help him “learn the ropes” at FOX News Edge. When he said he couldn’t afford to live in New York on an entry-level salary, he alleges that Wells helped him secure an interview at another network.

According to the lawsuit, a month after Delancey started at Fox, Wells invited him to a gay bar to meet other Fox colleagues. Wells allegedly insisted that the pair first drink at Wells’s apartment, where Delancey claims Wells “easily overpowered” him, forcing him onto his bed and grabbing his genitals and causing what Delancey describes as “severe pain,” even as Delancey yelled out “no.”

“Out of nowhere, Wells aggressively pushed Mr. Delancey onto his bed where he violently forced his tongue into Mr. Delancey’s mouth,” the complaint states.

Delancey convinced Wells that they needed to go meet their co-workers, according to the lawsuit, but Wells again allegedly groped him in a stairwell against his consent.

Delancey first went public about the assault in 2017 via a Facebook post although he never mentioned Wells. He alleges that Wells saw the post and messaged him asking who had committed the assault, with what Delancey speculates was “a guilty conscience.”

Justin Wells Denies the Sexual Assault Claims

According to The Daily Beast, Well’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon told the publication that he Wells denies the allegations and will contest.

“This meritless legal action was filed 15 years after the alleged incident and mere days before the extended statute of limitations would have run. Mr. Wells denies the allegations unequivocally, and will contest them vigorously. This is yet another attempt by a law firm with a history of suing Fox and its former employees to cash in on frivolous allegations.”

Tucker Carlson added in the statement provided by Well’s attorney that the victim of a sex crime have an obligation to alert the police and added that he doesn’t believe the victim.

“As a general matter, if you believe you’ve been the victim of a sex crime, you have a moral obligation to alert police, so it doesn’t happen to someone else. If you wait 15 years to cash in with a civil suit, no one should take you seriously. I certainly don’t.”

Justin Wells Twitter

His X handle is @justinbwells

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