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John Heywood: A Biography of a UK Casino Player Who Hit One of the Biggest Jackpots Ever

The odds of getting the biggest prize at casino online are rather small. This is especially true when it comes to different slot machines. If you enjoy playing at any real money casinos, you already probably know that it is not always that you are able to win. With that being said, luck and a little bit of good fortune sometimes do wonders. This is precisely what happened to John Heywood. He was just a normal man, a soldier, who wasn’t known for his fortune or luxury cars. John is a simple person, just like the rest of us. However, the odds definitely turned in his favor when he won one of the biggest jackpots ever. What is more impressive, he did so without necessarily spending a lot of his money and playing a game with, quite frankly, terrible odds. How did he manage to do it? Today we will be talking more about John Heywood, his career before winning a jackpot, how he reached this impressive win, and practically everything else people want to know about him. Moreover, we will also analyze several lessons that might help us to follow his fate.

Real money casinos: Why People Play

Many people wonder why individuals gamble. After all, an online casinos is often associated with addiction and sometimes even a criminal record. It is time that we put this stigma behind us and talk more about a real money casinos without bias. The first thing you should know is that real money casinos are usually licensed to provide their services. If you are responsible and you look for an casino online with an appropriate license, you will get a platform that follows all the rules and regulations of fair gambling. Even this small thing alone will help you to increase your odds. Only the licensed and online casinos will have a fair mathematical model behind it. Otherwise, you will be instantly decreasing possible odds. We can only assume that John Heywood already knew it. That man definitely chose the best online casino, considering his jackpot.

John Heywood and His Journey

Now we can finally get to the topic of John Heywood. As we mentioned before, he is a simple soldier from Cheshire. He had just returned from his store in Afghanistan and was struggling to help his father. The former required the expense of medical treatment. We think that there is such a thing as fate, lock, or mystical force because John Heywood won the biggest jackpot ever. He cannot afford much more than treatment for his father. Winning the £13,213,838.68 jackpot was one of the best things that have ever happened to the soldier, which he certainly admits. He is still confused about how such a jackpot was even possible. However, from a perspective of a gambler and researcher, we can say that it is a world record for the largest payout for a slot machine.

Besides, the soldier didn’t even spend a pound while spinning. You know, happily can spend this money to help his father recover. Besides, he already got himself a nice fancy car to replace his old one. It seems like the future of the soldier is brighter than ever, and we couldn’t help but feel happy for him. 

The Odds of Winnings and Why John Heywood’s Is So Impressive

It goes without saying that winning 13 million is already impressive. However, we couldn’t help but gasp when we found out that John won his fortune playing through a slot machine. If you know a thing or two about casino online or even land-based casinos, you are probably aware that every single game out there has different odds. Thus, even choosing the best online casino will not instantly give you a prize. Any online casinos operates on mathematical models and combinatorics. It means that the odds are already calculated even before you start playing. Take a look at our table below:

The Odds of Winning When Gambling
Game Type House Edge
Slot Machines 5%–50%
Video Poker 0.5%
Blackjack (21) 0.3%
Baccarat  1.2%
Craps 1.5%

When you come to play at any real money casinos, you can see that the house edge for a slot machine is much higher than for any other game on our list. Naturally, if you choose to play at a real money casinos, you have to select the best game. John Haywood chose the game with the worst odds yet won. This only showcases that an online casinos can actually be fair.

Peculiarities of Slot Machines and Their Odds

Peculiarities of Slot Machines and Their Odds
Peculiarities of Slot Machines and Their Odds

We already mentioned why it is so impressive to win from a slot machine, yet there are more statistics to seal the deal. You should be aware that the odds of winnings are one in a million or even more. You Essentially have rather low chances of repeating the success of this gamer. With that being said, we definitely advise you to look for slot machines with a high RTP of 96% or more.

Lesson to Learn From John Heywood

There are several lessons that we learned from the story. Some of them are more practical and concerning casino online; others are more philosophical. First and foremost, we definitely learned that budget doesn’t make that much of a difference if you want to gamble. Sometimes you can simply rely on fate and even odds. We have also discovered that even ruthless slot machines can offer large payouts. If you choose best online casino that actually has a license, you might get a chance to repeat the success of the soldier. 

Here are several recommendations for you: 

  • Always play responsibly and understand your budget online casinos
  • Don’t rely on any real money casinos as your main source of income
  • Choose the game you actually like
  • Don’t raise the stakes if you’re not comfortable doing so

Final Thoughts

John Heywood has proven once again that miracles happen, and we can trust online casinos out there if they are licensed. It is definitely not an everyday occurrence when a player wins using a slot machine. Not to mention that John has won millions of pounds. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear the same story about poker or casino online. However, a slot machine is definitely an unusual and quite surprising choice. Nevertheless, this player expects to spend his money on creating a better life for himself and his family. We wish you to repeat his success and definitely play responsibly.