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Ian Connor Biography

Ian Connor is an American model and fashion stylist who is a former creative consultant for Kanye West team.  He first gained fame through promoting and selling his self-designed products online and as a member of the ASAP crew.

Ian Connor Age

Connor was born on February 2, 1993 in New York, USA.

Ian Connor Height

He stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Ian Connor Raven Tracy

He is in a relationship with Raven Tracy, a model (signed to Freedom Models agency) and entrepreneur (founder of Body by Raven Tracy). In June 2019 during Raven’s birthday, Connor proposed to her.


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No relationship is perfect… sometimes you gotta go through stuff to see what’s real . I found someone that i love from the inside out. Someone that doesn’t lie to me, that encourages me, that allows me to be me, someone who makes me laugh til i have tears, who is weird and quirky too ❤️. Since I’ve met this man i can say I’ve become a better woman. He inspires me in so many ways. He puts so many people on around him, constantly uplifting ppl in his own way. He may be different , he may be a little rough around the edges but so what , that’s what i love most about him. You see this ring? We in the mud! We on some 4L type ! Some will and jada unconditional love type ❤️ i love you babeeeee @ianconnorsrevenge

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There were allegations that Ian proposed as he was going to jail but he dismissed the claims in a tweet and said he had proposed as he was in love with Raven and it was her birthday.

“I didn’t propose to Raven because I’m going to prison, I proposed to her because as everyone knows…I love her very much and it was her birthday.”

Ian Connor Designer

Conor is a stylist who rose in the fashion industry after working as a stylist for Wiz Khalifa when he was still a teenager. His association with Abloh and members of the A$AP Mob, a New York-based collective of producers and rappers including A$AP Rocky, got him an introduction to Kanye West, and soon Connor was working as a creative consultant for West’s team. He has also styled Kylie Jenner.

He is also a model despite his stature, an unusual height for a male fashion model, he has modeled for Bape, Astrid Andersen, and Shane Gonzales’ Midnight Studios, as well as Kanye West’s Yeezy shows and lookbooks for Drake’s OVO fashion line.

Ian Connor Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $750,000.

Ian Connor Jail

In June 2019 Ian revealed on his Finsta account that he was going to jail on gun-related charges. “Going to prison for a year (trial starts tomorrow) over two illegal gun charges I’ve obtained over the past three years.”

According to Complex, Ian was sentenced in three different cases in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Two of the cases included the same charges: possession of a firearm within 10 years of certain misdemeanor convictions as well as carrying a concealed weapon. Connor received a suspended sentence of five years and eight months for those charges; but instead of serving time behind bars, he will have three years of formal probation.

For the third case, he was sentenced to 363 days in jail for negligent discharge of a firearm and began to serve that sentence immediately.

Ian Connor Rape Charges

There are allegations that Ian has raped 21 women according to Amber Rose who told The Daily Beast that the women had come to her. The accusation began when Emory University student Malika Anderson wrote a now-deleted blog post in April 2016 alleging Connor had raped her in 2014. Six other women have publicly accused him.

In 2015 Malika released a statement saying she had filed a report against Ian for sexual battery.

“Although this is not the ideal result of my choice to file a report against him, I do not regret my choice. The system isn’t built for me and that’s something I wholeheartedly understand about America; however, I also believe that you never know what the outcome of anything will be unless you try. By not trying, I would be giving him power and that is something I refuse to do. And by trying, I empowered myself and others. I did what I could to try to bring justice and hopefully protect other people and for that I will never regret my decision. No longer will Ian Connor’s crimes remain invisible. I am here. I am visible. And I am healing.”

Jean Deaux, a Chicago-based musical artist, also said she was raped by Ian.

Ian Connor Jean Deaux

In 2019 Jean Deaux, a Chicago-based musical artist said she was raped by Ian. She revealed she met Ian on Instagram and after exchanging some direct messages, they switched to texting. They briefly met in Chicago and after she moved to New York they ran into each other at a concert in New Jersey.

She said that a week or so Connor asked her if she wanted to meet in New York’s SoHo neighborhood to go shopping but Connor didn’t show and after 20 or so minutes, Deaux decided to leave.

She revealed that while she was on the train home to Brooklyn, she received a distressed call from Connor. Connor alleged that he had been beaten up by associates of A$AP Mob while styling a shoot. She agreed to go back. As it was getting late Connor said he had a place in Manhattan where they could stay before heading to the shops in the morning. Deaux followed him to what looked like a cheap hotel, which she later suspected was actually a brothel. It was there, she claims, that Connor raped her.

Conor has however denied the allegations made by Deaux in a now-deleted tweet, “I Ian Conor Am Not A Rapist Nor Do I Condone Rape In Any Shape or Form, I Don’t Respect Liars Nor Forced Situations. Please Be Real.”

In June 2016 Khaditia Diallo told the Daily Mail in a video interview that she was raped by Connor when she was 16 and still a virgin. Three more alleged victims spoke to the newspaper over the next few days: Jenni Stampley, Taryn Williams and “Alyssa,” who requested to remain anonymous.

Stampley said she filed a police report against Connor, in Will County, Illinois, but it did not result in charges. “About nine months after I filed it they called me and said they were sending it to Canada [where the assault occurred]. I never got another phone call after that.”

Is Ian Connor A Rapist

Many women have come forward accusing Ian of rape but he has not been charged or arrested of rape charges.

Ian Connor Petition

A petition started by Chloe Rose is seeking Ian to be held accountable for his actions.

“Ian Connor’s rape allegations have been circulating since his rise to popularity. Regardless of the brave woman who have come forward (with details & evidence) Ian Connor has still been receiving cosigns and been able to conduct business as usual while these women have to live with the injustices committed against them. This petition is to call for the people that cosign him to denounce any association with him and encourage him to begin to attempt to right his wrongs. We cannot allow “internet personalities” be exempt from repercussion.”

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