Halsey Singer Bio, Age, Gender, Husband, Family, Music Career, Net Worth

Helsey is famous for her singing, but there are some things about her you (probably) don’t know. Find them here and brag to your friends with those fun facts. We’ll start with a big one to show how successful Halsey is. She was among the 100 most influential people on Time’s list for 2020. Now, when you know she’s more than a singer, get ready; this lady will inspire you.

Halsey Age

She is currently 27 years old in 2022

Halsey Bio Before Music

Halsey is the stage name of Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, born on September 29, 1994, in Edison, New Jersey. She grew up moving around and was bullied in school, leading to the suicide attempt at the age of 17. That’s the same year when Halsey started dating an older guy who lived in a street that inspired her professional name. Ashley said that’s where she began writing music. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, same as her mom Nicole Frangipane.

Halsey Husband / Gender

A song about a relationship between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles got Halsey a lot of attention. But her dating life isn’t any less interesting. She’s bisexual and doesn’t hide that she used to be in a relationship with a woman. You won’t find her on the site for bisexual hookups where regular people use a matchmaking game to find matches. That may be the best way for most people to find bisexual partners, but Halsey doesn’t need that. She became a mom in 2021, and a couple of her (known) previous relationships were with men. Her current partner and father of her child is Alev Aydin.


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Relationship with parents

Halsey graduated from Warren Hills Regional High School in Washington, New Jersey. She couldn’t finish college, which caused problems with Ashley’s parents, who eventually kicked her out. The young girl was even homeless at some points and considered prostitution. Luckily, she used music as therapy and pulled herself from the bottom.

Halsey Career

Halsey started on social media such as YouTube and Tumblr. As mentioned, she caught attention with a parody of Taylor Swift’s song and a follow-up in 2012. Two years later, she released Ghost and became a world sensation. Her first album came out in 2015, and her debut song was included. The album became double platinum. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom from 2017 was made to be radio-friendly and made significant success, but not even close to Halsey’s third album – Manic from 2020. That’s still her best-selling album. Halsey also worked on soundtracks for a couple of movies.

Health Issues

Halsey was diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder, and Endometriosis (female reproductive system disease). She had a miscarriage in 2015 that was probably caused by that condition. That happened right before one of her performances, and she didn’t cancel it anyway. That’s how much music means to this lady. Luckily, she successfully gave birth in 2021. She’s very open about her health issues because she wants to help other people in similar situations.

Halsey Net Worth

Halsey’s net worth is $20 million.