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Evrod Cassimy Bio

Evrod Cassimy is an American singer-songwriter and a 6x Emmy nominated TV News anchor. He is a morning anchor for Local 4 News Today. 

Evrod Cassimy Age – Evrod Cassimy Birthday

Cassimy is 35 years as of April 2020; He was born on September 17, 1984.

Evrod Cassimy Family

Cassimy was born in Berrien Springs in Michigan. He grew up in Rockford, Ill., outside of Chicago. There is no much information regarding his family or siblings in the public.

Evrod Cassimy Education

He attended Columbia College in Chicago graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Evrod Cassimy Wife

Evrod is married to Danielle, the couple met in Colorado where he began his career in journalism.

Evrod Cassimy Children

Cassimy together with his wife has two children together, Shae And Malakai.

Evrod Cassimy WVID

Cassimy is a morning anchor for Local 4 News Today (WVID). He joined the station in August 2013. He began his career in Grand Junction, Colorado and has covered news in Madison, WI, Orlando, FL, Richmond, VA, and Denver, CO.

Throughout his career, he has covered major news stories such as the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, FL. He anchored coverage of the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. He has also interviewed prominent people such as Ray LaHood, former President George W. Bush and celebrities including Chris Brown, Cindy Crawford, Trey Songz, MoNique and Alex Trebek among others.

In 2010 he received the Virginia Associated Press Award for “Best Breaking News Coverage.”

Evrod Cassimy Music

Cassimy is also a musician and according to his website he began singing at the age of three. In 2018 he founded his own record label known as Everything Evrod Entertainment. He released his debut album ‘Newzic’ on November 10, 2018. He followed up the album with his sophomore album Just Evrod which was released on November 15. It features guests like Aretha Franklin among others.

Evrod Cassimy Songs

  • I’m Leaving
  • Green Eyes
  • Who Dis
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Turn It Up
  • Be Mine
  • Mixed
  • Don’t Change
  • What Happened
  • Breaking News
  • Lost
  • Newzic
  • 90s R&B
  • Can You Keep Up

Evrod Cassimy Coronavirus

On March 24, 2020 WDIV-TV announced that Evrod had tested positive for the COVID-19. In a story posted on Channel 4’s website, Cassimy offered advice to viewers.

“Take this very seriously because I would not want anybody to go through what I’ve gone through. I took it as seriously as most people are and still got it. I’m hurting and I am going to be OK.”

While speaking to Nick Monacelli on the phone he explained that he had coronavirus. He said that on March 17, he left work and texted his wife that he wasn’t feeling well and later took a nap. He said he felt fatigued but did not have typical coronavirus symptoms.

He said that he woke up that afternoon in pain and the next day was “excruciating pain.” He said his limbs felt as if they were made of wood and he couldn’t even roll over in bed.

He said he tried to arrange a visit with the doctor, but at the time the doctor wasn’t seeing sick patients. He was diagnosed over the phone with a virus or the flu and told he didn’t need to come in and get tested for the coronavirus because his symptoms weren’t consistent with those caused by the virus.

“I remember finally getting up one day to go get medicine and collapsing on the stairs and just sobbing because my body would not allow me to move without excruciating pain.”

He said the medicine he was given for the pain led to vomiting and on Tuesday he checked himself to hospital and was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

He said he had no idea where he got the virus from as he had not traveled and WDIV studio is filled with hand sanitizers and disinfecting sprays and he used them in addition to washing his hands regularly.

“I am confused. “I haven’t traveled. I never had a fever. I never had a cough. My breathing’s always been fine. It’s just a lot of aches and pains, and it’s the worst pains and aches that I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

Evrod Cassimy Recovers From COVID-19

On April 7, 2020 Cassimy wrote an article on WDIV ClickOnDetroit revealing that he had fully recovered from COVID-19.

“I’m coronavirus free! I am fully recovered from COVID-19! I’m screaming that with a huge smile on my face as I think back to the last two weeks I endured. I’m sitting in my office at home, sipping a cappuccino from my favorite mug this morning. It’s a glorious feeling.”

He however added that he was suffering from survivor’s guilt as other people are dying of the virus yet he is happy he had made full recovery.

“…there is a whole lot of guilt that comes with that statement — survivor’s guilt. How can I be so happy when people are dying from this nasty virus? I just learned today that someone I know passed away from it, and many others I know are fighting it in the hospital or at home.”

Evrod Cassimy Net worth

Evrod’s net worth is still under review.

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