Who Is Michael K. Williams Son? Elijah Williams Bio, Age, Mother

Elijah Williams Biography

Elijah Williams is the son of American actor Michael K. William best known for his roles as Omar Little on HBO series ‘The Wire’ and Albert ‘Chalky’ White in HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

Elijah Williams Age

It is not clear when he was born.

Elijah Williams Mother

There are no available details about his mother.

Who is Michael K. Williams

Michael K. Williams was an American actor best known for his roles as Omar Little on the popular HBO series’ Wire’ and Albert ‘Chalky’ White in HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’. He was discovered by Tupac Shakur, who also introduced Michael to mainstream cinema by casting him in ‘Bullet’.

Michael K. Williams Gay

People speculated that Williams was gay until the birth of his son.

Michael K. Williams Married

Michael wasn’t married but was in a relationship with actor Tasha Smith, best known for her role on ‘Why Did I Get Married.’ Tasha made the relationship Instagram official after she shared a photo of themselves boo’d calling him the love of her life. “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love of my life @bkbmg this man gives me goose bumps!!!!!”

On November 22, 2020 she wished him a happy birthday calling him her ride or die.

It is not clear whether the couple was still together at the time of his death.

Michael K. Williams Scar

Michael had a scar on his face which he got on his 25th birthday. He was at a party in Queens when he went outside to get some air and saw two of his friends being surrounded by unknown people and one of the guys cut his face with a razor. He said in an interview that the scar changed his life as at the time he was doing videos just dancing in the background but now the directors wanted him to act out thug roles.

“I got cut in my face in a barroom brawl. There was a popping party going on in Queens. I went outside to get some air, and I saw that two of my other friends were being surrounded by some dudes who I didn’t know. And it looked like they were about to get jumped. And I said, yo, I’m ready to leave. Let’s go back. I’m going to go back home now. But this one dude kept pacing behind me. He kept walking behind me. He kept like, you know, like sucking his teeth, and I’m looking – I’m like yo – so what’s up dude? Yo bro, what’s your problem? And the dude wiped his hand across his mouth and just – what I thought appeared to be – smacked me, but what he did was he spit a razor. He was positioning the razor in his mouth to get between his middle finger and his ring finger, and then he just went – swiped me down my face, and this cut my face. It was actually the first hit of the fight. So we managed to escape with our lives, barely, that night. Things changed immediately after that. Directors didn’t want me just to dance in the videos any more. They wanted me to act out these thug roles, you know, like – Mike, roll these – roll these dice in this video. Have this fight in this video. I was like, all right.

Tupac Shakur was filming a movie in New York called “Bullet,” opposite Mickey Rourke. And the production office that they were working out of in New York happened to have a Polaroid picture of me from me going to audition from some various music videos. So he happened to see a Polaroid picture of me and was like, yo, this dude looks thugged out enough that he could play my little brother. I think he saw my pain and my struggle, my heart. I was just like – I was star struck, you know. I was like, wow, that’s Tupac Shakur. ”

Michael K. Williams Death

On September 6, 2021 it was reported that Michael had been founded dead in the living room of his Williamsburg penthouse apartment by his nephew. His nephew reportedly went to check up on him after he hadn’t heard from in a couple of days.

His death was confirmed by his longtime rep, Marianna Shafran of Shafran PR, in a statement. “It is with deep sorrow that the family announces the passing of Emmy nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams. They ask for your privacy while grieving this unsurmountable loss.”

Michael K. Williams Cause of Death

Michael’s cause of death has not been made official but it is suspected he overdosed. The NY Post reported that he died of a suspected heroin overdose. He was found unconscious in the dining room of his apartment with what appeared to be heroin on the kitchen table.

According to an autopsy report released by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Officer on September 24, he died of “acute intoxication by the combined effects of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine.” His death was deemed accidental in nature.

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