Elaine Culotti Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Kids, Real Estate, Undercover Billionaire

Elaine Culotti Biography

Elaine Culotti is a real estate developer, interior designer, builder, founder of House of Rock and visionary. She is a cast member of Undercover Billionaire season 2.

Elaine Culotti Age

She was born on July 20, 1964.

Elaine Culotti Family

She was born to an English mother and Irish-American father. Her father was in the military which saw her travel across Europe through her formative years.

Elaine Culotti Husband

Elaine was previously married to Gary Culotti but they have since divorced. The couple worked together where Gary was involved in her design and real estate, looking after the manufacturing section of the business. The both produced custom drapery and other design elements.

In 2010, the couple together with their business partner Greg Briles, formed a partnership to purchase and refashion an estate in Santa Monica.

Elaine Culotti Children

Culotti and her ex husband share two children together; Leonardo and Jessica Culotti.

Elaine Culotti Real Estate

Elaine is a real estate developer. She has been a serial entreprenuer since the age of 14. She has developed and built everything from luxury homes to casinos and hospitals. She attributes her sense of style and drama to the years she spent in German castles, English farmhouses, and the wonderful towns of Renaissance Italy.

She opened her own business importing antiques, collectibles, textiles, and architectural elements then branched out to begin her own design firm, retail store and manufacturing facility. She formed her own company named Porta Bella Designs which specializes in incorporating a manufacturing facility.

Elaine Culotti Farmer

She is a table farmer who owns a 40-acre Big Z Ranch in Fallbrook, where she grows everything from palm trees to fruits and vegetables. She has partnered with local farmers to make it easier for fresh food to be sold directly to consumers without the middle-men of big box stores. Each week she puts together packages of fruits and vegetables grown on the ranch and delivers them directly to consumer’s doorsteps.


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Elaine Culotti House of Rock

Culotti is the founder of is the iconic House of Rock in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, a 1926 Tudor-style mansion that Elaine upgraded into a pop-up showroom and luxury event space, before she sold it for a hefty profit.

Elaine Culotti Undercover Billionaire

Elaine is a cast member of season 2 of ‘Undercover Billionaire’. a reality television show that features billionaires tasked with creating a business valued at $1 Million starting from only 100$ worth of capital. With just a cellphone and a vehicle, the billionaires are dropped to different locations where they are supposed to hide their true identity and establish their business in just 90 days.

Elaine Culotti Net worth

She has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

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