EJ Osborne

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EJ Osborne Biography

EJ Osborne was an Australian craftsman who was best known as a presenter on BBC Show Money For Nothing. He died on September 21, 2020 at the age of 45 at Dorothy House Hospice. His cause of death has not been revealed yet.

EJ Osborne Age

He was 45 years old at the time of his death; he was born on February 2, 1975 in Australia.

EJ Osborne Wife

Osborne was married to Anne-Marie, they had been together since 2007. During an interview with Katie Piper he revealed that he came out to his wife as trans when he was almost 39.

EJ Osborne Daughter

EJ and Anne Marie have a daughter known as Orla.

EJ Osborne Woman – EJ Osborne Transgender

EJ identified as a transgender man. He was born a woman but he later transitioned which he revealed through an interview with Brighton Transformed was as a result of his mental and physical health as he had had a nervous breakdown.

He revealed that he grew in a homophobic town where it was illegal to be gay. “Once I left home I moved to bigger cities and tried to cope with identifying as androgynous, I was too scared to transition. I eventually had a very, very, very serious nervous breakdown, it crushed me and I had no choice but to go ahead with my transition for my own mental health and physical health.”

He said he transitioned in Tokyo although he had already come out in Australia to the counselors and had been assessed and was getting access to testosterone.

“I ended up getting testosterone on the black market, but it was administered to me by a doctor, by a professional. When I say black market, it probably wasn’t, it just… I didn’t have to go through what we go through on the assessment process today to access it. I’d already done that in Australia, I’d gone through the process of coming out to the counsellors and being assessed and getting access to testosterone there, but within about a week, two weeks of that finishing I was in Tokyo. So, I had to work out how to get my testosterone when I was there, but I transitioned in a space, bearing in mind that Japanese men are smaller than white men, Tokyo itself is an exceptionally cool city, it’s so creative and the kids have so much creative freedom that, for me, transitioning there was ace! I looked like a bloke, I didn’t have to be hairy, I could wear crazy clothes and go through my whole journey, it was the best thing I could have done for myself and it’s, it also meant that I was independent, you know, I was independent… I didn’t know one single other trans person when I transitioned, but I was entirely independent of anyone else’s expectations or my own history, you know, I was working on a blank slate. So it meant that I got to define my own notion of trans-genderism for myself.”

EJ Osborne Money For Nothing

He was a presenter on BBC Show, Money for Nothing alongside Katie Piper. The show seesold unwanted items totally transformed into stunning pieces of furniture. From chests of drawers to footstools, side tables and desks, Money for Nothing churns out all sorts of fantastic upcycled pieces.

EJ Osborne Cancer

In December 2019 Osborne revealed that he had completed his final chemotherapy treatment. He shared a photo of the wared with the caption,

‘Let me tell you… I have never been a fan of NYE. I’ll go as far as to say I just don’t like it. I don’t really know why – I think it used to be because it was a come down from all the hype of Xmas. And now I just can’t un-see all the social conditioning at every turn, the supermarket rows full of cheap champagne and party poppers etc etc. ‘I have just returned home from THIS view – the last blast of chemo (I will still be a regular here for immunotherapy) BUT this is not my last view for 2019… I’m now tucked up in bed with my family and we are going to watch a movie. I will be asleep before midnight – as I have been for the past many many years. So I would like to take this opportunity to wish you ALL – but especially those who find nye difficult in any way / choose not to celebrate, an evening full of love and light.

The other thing I would like to say is; Nurses. Doctors. The NHS. It’s very hard to put it into a few words exactly how special they are. They have kept me alive ffs! I will be eternally grateful. Thank you.’

Dorothy House Hospice

According to his wife, EJ spent the last three weeks of his life at Dorothy House hospice. After his death, Anne-Marie thanked the hospice and the people who cared for him. She also asked her fans to donate to them as it was a charity.

‘EJ spent the last three and a bit weeks of his life being cared for by the wonderful women at Dorothy House hospice. I was with him every day and was blown away by their compassion, resilience and kindness. I know he felt so cared for and safe and I will never forget Ella, Jemima, Gemma, Mandz, Clare, Trish, Irish Helen, Scottish Helen, Andrea and so many, many more for whom it was clear it was not just a job. Real life wonder women. Dorothy House is a charity so if any of you can, please donate to them. I really cannot imagine how we would have managed without them.’

EJ Osborne Health – EJ Osborne Illness

Osborne had ill health although his illness that led to his stay at Dorothy House Hospice has not been revealed.

EJ Osborne Dead

EJ died on September 21, 2020 while at Dorothy House Hospice. His death was confirmed by his wife in an Instagram post on his official page.

EJ Osborne Cause of Death – What Did EJ Osborne Die Of

EJ’s cause of death has not been made public yet.


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