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Who Is Crede Bailey(White House Head of Security) Bio, Age, Covid, Twitter

Crede Bailey Biography

Crede Bailey the head of the White House security office. According to Bloomberg he is gravely ill with COVID-19 and has been hospitalized since September.

Crede Bailey Age – How Old is Crede Bailey

His age is unknown but some websites allege that he is in his 60’s.

Crede Bailey White House Security Chief

Crede is a White House head of security in charge of the White House security office, which handles credentialing for access to the White House and works closely with the U.S. Secret Service on security measures throughout the compound.

Crede Bailey COVID

According to Bloomberg, Crede Bailey has been hospitalized since September with Covid-19. The article revealed that the White House has not publicly disclosed Bailey’s illness. He allegedly became sick before the Sept. 26 Rose Garden event President Donald Trump held to announce his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett that has been connected to more than a dozen cases of the disease.

Crede Bailey Jared Kushner

Bailey was alleged to have issued a White House security clearance to the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka Trump. The issue over security clearance emerged in April 2019 when career staffer Tricia Newbold testified to the House Oversight Committee that her then supervisor Carl Kline overruled several of her security clearance determinations because of political influence.

She alleged that at least two senior government officials were given high-level security clearances despite disqualifying information. Newbold also expressed concern over new policies that Kline put into place surrounding the security clearance process.

Bailey testified in a closed-door session with the House Oversight Committee alleging that no political pressure was asserted on their office in determining security clearances. He added that as far as he knows Trump has never ordered a security clearance be issued to any specific individual. He also defended Kline’s conduct while in office, expressing the “utmost confidence” in his judgment.

He added that Newbold’s criticisms of the process “stemmed from her lack of understanding and experience across government.”

Crede Bailey Twitter

He has no Twitter account