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Chad Kroeger

Nickelback’s lead guitarist and vocalist Chad Kroeger’s name was Chad Robert Turton, but he left his father’s surname when he abandoned them when Chad was just 2 years old. He is the son of Wendall Turton and Debbie Kroeger, and his grandfather is Henry Kroeger. Kroeger is a producer, songwriter, and musician with many albums and singles under his belt. The song “Too Bad” is about Chad’s father and how he left them when they were young. Many of his songs are extremely popular among social media users, and you will often find people dedicating those songs to their partners on dating sites.

Everyone is familiar with “How you remind me,” but how many are aware of the person behind this song? Let’s take a dive into knowing Kroeger better, such as his personal life, music, and net worth.


Chad’s height is 6 feet 1 inch and combining that with his dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair make him all the more popular. Chad married Avril Lavigne in 2013, which was a real sensation at that time. Unfortunately, the couple divorced a year later. He has also dated salon owners Marianne Gurick and Kristen Dewitt in the past too. Currently, he is single but doesn’t bother about it since famous people always have tons of possibilities to pursue dates. But for those who are far from being known and popular but, like Chad, are Canadians, single, and are looking for love, there are other ways of finding someone special. Using a dating platform to find Canadian singles allows anybody to find exactly what they desire – be that a quick flirty chat or an offline date. Such dating platforms usually offer their users different search filters and useful features like ice-breaker messages to simplify the process of finding matches. So even those who cannot take advantage of their name can still seek love and romance in a safe and convenient manner. 

Personal Life

Chad is 46 years old, born on November 15, 1974, in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. He dropped out of school and never graduated High School since he always knew his passion was music, which he adopted early in life. Chad’s brother is Mike Kroeger, and he is also a member of Nickelback. Chad’s school life was not very smooth, and he often got into fights and was once convicted in 2008 for drunk driving as well. The fact Chad’s school life was not extraordinary did not stop him from turning his life around with the help of music. 


Chad started playing guitar at the age of 13, and his first-ever band was “Village Idiot.” He later formed the band Nickelback with some of the band members from Village Idiot, and they released their first album “Curb” in 1996. “The Stated” in 1998, “Silver Side Up” in 2001, “The Long Road” in 2003, and “The Long Road” in 2005 have been their successful albums.

The band has also released some hit singles such as “How you remind me,” “When we stand together,” and “Photograph.” Kroeger works with many other bands and singers such as “The Suits XL,” Chris Daughtry, Timbaland, and Santana. He is also the co-founder of a record label by the name of 604 Records which has released the works of Carly Rae Jaspen, The Suits XL, Nick Carter, Tommy Lee, and more.


Chad Kroeger has had six nominations for Nickelback in the Grammy Awards, has won The American Music Awards twice, Billboard Music Awards seven times, and MTV Video Music Awards twice. For the song “Rockstar,” his band has also won the Record of the Year Award in 2008. Chad has many more awards under his belt, such as the Much Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Juno Awards. 

Net worth

Chad’s net worth is currently estimated to be $90 million, which is quite a decent figure compared to other media personalities. He has earned it as the lead guitarist and singer for Nickelback with nine successful albums and numerous singles and videos released. Some of his net worth is also accumulated from his business 604 Records.